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Inhaltsangabe zu „Treachery in Death“ von J. D. Robb

'There's another body on a slab, Dallas. Dirty cop or not, he's dead, and she's responsible. She has to be shut downbefore she decides to clean house again.' Lieutenant Eve Dallas is about to come up against her most formidable criminal yet: Lieutenant Renee Oberman, daughter of a New York Police legend. After eighteen years on the force, Oberman is efficient, decorated - and utterly corrupt. When Eve's partner Peabody overhears a damning conversation between Oberman and one of her flunkies, Peabody, Eve and her husband Roarke are soon on the case. Together they must find the hard evidence needed to bring Oberman and all her dirty cops down - knowing all the while that she will kill anyone who gets in her way. (Quelle:'E-Buch Text/17.02.2011')

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  • Kick ass good guys vs. the evil bitch! Love it!

    Treachery in Death


    04. February 2016 um 15:33

    After solving her first case as primary, Detective Delia Peabody is absolutely excited and ready for more. Following the advice of her boss, that her hand-to-hand skills could use a brush up, she hits the gym right after shift. After her workout, Peabody overhears two cops talking murder and dirty deals. Trapped in a shower stall with no more protection than a towel, she listens and prays to stay undetected because one thing is clear. These cops – dirty cops – have done murder before und the minute they make her, she’s dead meat. When her partner shows up at her home, clearly shaken up, to report what she had learned Lieutenant Eve Dallas is furious, not just because her advice almost got her partner killed but because these dirty cops betray everything she values and believes in for their personal gain every time they pick up their badges. With a handful of trusted colleagues and friends plus her billionaire husband Roarke, Eve starts her own secret operation to bring down a whole division of dirty cops for good. "Treachery in Death" is book # 32 in J. D. Robbs (aka Nora Roberts) “In death” - series. I have read all the books so far and this is easily one of my favorites. I loved this book from the first page to the last.  The story stays mainly focused on the investigation of the bad guys while not letting them know they’re investigated and simultaneously baiting them to make more mistakes and dig their own graves deeper and deeper. The good guys vs. the bad guys it’s a classic and in this case very well done! “Treachery in death” can be read as a standalone but it’s way more fun if you know the previous books because a lot of the characters are regulars and it makes more sense if you know the circumstances how everything and everyone links together. 

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