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Cover des Buches Bad for You (Dirty Deeds) (ISBN: 9780349416878)

Bad for You (Dirty Deeds)

Erschienen am 17.07.2018
Cover des Buches Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds Book 1) (ISBN: 9780349411736)

Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds Book 1)

Erschienen am 04.10.2016
Cover des Buches Sweet Addiction: Volume 1 (ISBN: 9781978168022)

Sweet Addiction: Volume 1

Erschienen am 02.05.2014
Cover des Buches All I Want (Alabama Summer, Band 2) (ISBN: 9781970127041)

All I Want (Alabama Summer, Band 2)

Erschienen am 24.11.2014
Cover des Buches What I Need (Alabama Summer, Band 5) (ISBN: 9781970127072)

What I Need (Alabama Summer, Band 5)

Erschienen am 05.03.2017
Cover des Buches When I Fall (Alabama Summer, Band 3) (ISBN: 9781970127058)

When I Fall (Alabama Summer, Band 3)

Erschienen am 17.03.2015
Cover des Buches Where I Belong: Volume 1 (Alabama Summer) (ISBN: 9781500394271)

Where I Belong: Volume 1 (Alabama Summer)

Erschienen am 28.06.2014

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Cover des Buches Down Too Deep (Dirty Deeds Book 3) (English Edition) (ISBN: B07GDM6SQ2)
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Rezension zu "Down Too Deep (Dirty Deeds Book 3) (English Edition)" von J. Daniels

Dirty Deeds #4.
Lonechastesoulvor 4 Jahren

"When did this woman become so important to me? I didn't just desire Jenna physically. Yes, of course that played a huge role in this longing to be near her all the time, but it went beyond that. I wanted to be the first person she thought of an any given moment, because she was quickly becoming mine..."

J. Daniels has finished off the Dirty Deeds series with a story that will have your hearts soaring and your temperatures rising. I have been anxiously anticipating the release of Nate’s book and I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. When Nate and Jenna were introduced in Four Letter Word I fell in love with them from the start.

Down Too Deep is a deliciously charming, uplifting tale that introduces us to the grieving, workaholic, restauranteur Nathan and the kindhearted, dependable, single mother Jenna as they discover the power of friendship, the pull of attraction, and the benefits of being a team.

It’s been two years since the death of his wife and Nathan Bell is still trying to get his life back in order. When his parents decide to put their foot down and make him take back control of his life and take care of his two year old daughter, Nate knows that things are about to get difficult. When he meets a single mom of twins who offers to help him with his daughter, there’s not only an audible sigh and a sense of relief, but this woman is going to save him more than once.

There is nothing more in this world that Jenna loves more than her kids. Her whole world revolves around her son and daughter and knowing that she will get to spend an almost work free summer with them, is icing on the cake. But when she meets the owner of a popular restaurant whom she knows could use some help with his own daughter, Jenna volunteers. What starts out a simple job turns out to be so much more for these single parents and in return, friendships and families were created.

Nate’s relationship with his little girl, Marley, had me swooning hard over him. Jenna was his true soul mate. I loved how the two were so perfect for each other and that their children played crucial roles in the plot development.

Down Too Deep was a heartfelt romance that had you rooting for these characters from the very beginning. It was touching with humorous moments and you wanted nothing more than to stay in the moment that these characters have created. What an epic conclusion to an amazing series! I adored Nathan & Jenna and this book was an amazing add to this series!

Cover des Buches Bad for You (Dirty Deeds) (ISBN: 9780349416878)
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Rezension zu "Bad for You (Dirty Deeds)" von J. Daniels

Dirty Deeds #3.
Lonechastesoulvor 5 Jahren

"You deserve love and kindness because you put out those things, Sean. You deserve to feel wanted. I want you. I want you so much. Let yourself feel that..."

I'm a huge fan of the Dirty Deeds series! I have read all the books and I enjoyed them all! Bad For You is book three f the series. The story is about Sean and Shayla.

Sean Molina has never had an easy life. When the story first opens we witness his struggles as a young boy. Being a victim of child neglect, he had to fend for himself for the very basic necessities of life that no child should have to be without. Sean learned early on that his mother was never going to provide for him or give him the loving and nurturing environment that he so deserved. He had to steal food and clothing just to survive and later on in life he would turn to a life of crime because that’s all he had ever known. He made one huge mistake which landed him in prison but his biggest regret was that it took him away from his two little girls.

Shayla is full of life and love. She’s got a dream of opening her own hair salon and it’s just within her grasp. She is so beautiful inside and out. I really loved this character! From the moment she saw Sean, she had fallen hard. In the beginning, they would share some quiet time together at the restaurant and she enjoyed her conversations with Sean. But then she tried for more with him and it scared Sean. Sean has the worst self-confidence and in his mind, he wasn’t good enough for Shayla, and so he pushed her away. For several months things were strained between them until one night he catches Shayla crying and he can no longer stay away.

These two just held onto my heart all throughout their story and I loved both of them. They were truly perfect together and I was rooting Shayla on whenever she was there to help Sean realize he was worth a lot more than he thought.

This story is a super slow burn romance and I'm not complaining at all. Shayla and Sean are friends for more than half of the book and while I was eager to get to the romance part of the story I understood that she needed to establish trust before anything could happen. Sean is a bit like a deer in headlights when it comes to intimacy. Hugs are for him almost unbearable because he doesn't feel like he is lovable. So to me it was a natural development that they built on that friendship.

Overall, this book being the third in the Dirty Deeds series has brought so much love towards the characters that we have met before in the past—and also a curious touch towards the characters that are coming such as Nate and Jenna. I was happy to catch up with Tori and Jamie, Syd and Brian. The way they welcomed Sean into their fold, sharing their Sunday dinners with him and making him feel a part of the family was sweeter than candy. Now the anticipation begins for Nate and Jenna's story. Nate is a widower and single-dad. Pretty sure this will be just as heartbreaking.

Bad For You, without a doubt, is going on my “Best of 2018” shelf!  This book had it all—beautiful broken hero, phenomenal heroine, and a story that will absolutely melt your hearts!

Cover des Buches Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds Book 1) (ISBN: 9780349411736)
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Rezension zu "Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds Book 1)" von J. Daniels

Dirty Deeds #1.
Lonechastesoulvor 6 Jahren

"Love was a risk. It was Wild and unpredictable."

Sydney has just encountered a life changing moment when she gets the news that her best friend's boyfriend was a married man. Enraged she makes an angry phone call spewing venom..... only to find out to her horror it's a wrong number. The man on the other end Brian, gets a kick out of Sydney’s fire, and he finds himself reaching out to her after the initial phone call. The two begin a new friendship, turning to each other for conversation and advice. But Brian is hesitant to become more and Sydney needs to repair the damage done by her former husband.

I absolutely loved the premise of this book. I loved how it started with that one phone call. A phone call with a stranger that happened to be a wrong number turned into every day texts and eventually, chats. Brian Savage is the man on the other end of the line. Brian has had a rough turn in his life. Sydney is about the only good thing in it right now. He’s dealing with something that’s hard on him. It’s also something he’s hiding from most everyone in his life. Brian is full of secrets.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story between Sydney and Brian. If you’re looking for a fun and sexy read with just the right amount of emotion and humor, pick this one up! It was a total win for me. This was exactly the kind of book I love to read -- a UNIQUE, ADDICTIVE, SWOON-FILLED ROMANCE!! Easily one of my favorite books this year. Everything about this book just worked for me. I loved their characters both individually and together as a couple, I understood their mistakes, but respected the way they fixed things, and I was really rooting for them to be able to make their relationship work and wished for nothing more than to see them find their well-deserved happiness.

This book was seriously just amazing! All the stars!


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