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Cover des Buches Monster in his eyes - In seinen Augen (ISBN: 9783864438844)

Monster in his eyes - In seinen Augen

Erschienen am 01.01.2020
Cover des Buches Sempre / Forever (ISBN: 9781456527730)

Sempre / Forever

Erschienen am 29.01.2012
Cover des Buches Sempre: Redemption (ISBN: 9781476760773)

Sempre: Redemption

Erschienen am 10.04.2014
Cover des Buches Sempre (ISBN: 9781476760759)


Erschienen am 27.02.2014
Cover des Buches Sempre: Redemption (Forever, Band 2) (ISBN: 9781452618357)

Sempre: Redemption (Forever, Band 2)

Erschienen am 03.02.2014

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Could someone do bad things, but not be a bad person?
Lonechastesoulvor 6 Jahren

If you're looking for an epic love story, about love that overcomes the most trying obstacles and characters that will make you want to cry, hit something and basically feel intense emotions, well then, here you go!

Haven is a 2nd generation slave to a family that has some shady connections to an Italian Mafia. The treatment that she and her mother receive remind me so much of the worst thing imaginable of slavery and a cult brainwashing.
One day she runs to have a better life and possibly somehow give better life to her mother... but she just ends up where she began except she is pawned off to a real Mafia Soldier. A grieving father, doctor and mafiosa brings her into his house as a "maid".
Both of his sons like her... but only one draws her out as she is healing him. Healing him from the pain of being an 8 year old boy who witnesses his mother's death.

Sempre is not your average feel-good love story. It is a gritty portrayal of various harsh realities and agonizing circumstances. Although my heart broke for the majority of this story, I enjoyed it immensely and found it both inspirational and humbling.

Sempre was fantastic. It is a real reader's book. Knowing this book was self published explains a lot. It is a raw story, straight from the author's imagination and heart. It shows. Sempre was a treat for me, after I had completed the day's tasks, I'd get to read until my eyes gave up. Carmine and Haven became alive. You want everything good for them. There is action, romance, and a great plot.

The bottom line is that, this is a fantastic and very emotional book. These character will haunt you and be with you forever!


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