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The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game

Erschienen am 11.10.2012

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Sweet and light college romance :)
pieggyvor einem Jahr

3,5 Stars

This was a sweet and light college and 2nd chance romance :) I really enjoyed reading it.

It´s written in dual POV so you´ll get to know both sides of the two main characters who are Jess and Nick.

The book is about life, dreams and goals. It´s about making decisions and learning to stand up for yourself and what you want, need and dream about. It´s also about doing mistakes and learning from them. It´s about being yourself, love and trying to do the right thing, even if it means to get hurt and to hurt others.

Jess and Nick are both students and attenting the same college. But even though they do, they´ve never met. While Nick is the guy everyone knows, wants to be or wants to be with, Jess is more the one who doesn´t like to stand in the middle of attention. That will change soon though as Nick finds himself seated next to her in class. And that´s the beginning of... yeah. what exactly? They both aren´t sure and even though Jess is totally attracted to Nick, she has no intention of being the next notch on his bedpost. the more both get to know each other, the more it´s harder to resist. Feelings develop and soon the rumored playboy has just eyes for one girl. Sometimes fate is cruel though and turned something to nothing. And if it wouldn´t be bad enough secrets and threats turn up and could ruin either ones lives.

Will Jess give in? Is Nick able to change his playboy lifestyle? Will they fall in love? What happened to Jess? Why did they have to part ways? What secrets and threats are there? And is Nick really able to go through with it? And what has his father with everything to do? Can two hopeless ppl have an happy end?

Read and find out ;)

My Opinion:

It was my first J. Sterling book and I really enjoyed reading it. I liked the writing style. It was easy, light and the characters were likeable. Well at least those who the author intended to be likeable ;)

I loved the main characters but also the side characters. I can´t wait to read the books about Nicks brothers :)

After I had read a bit of the book, the names together reminded me of some other couple. Nick and Jess-they were both characters in this tv series called New Girl. I´m not sure if it was coincidence or on purpose. But instead of bothering me, I started to like it, because those characters are also "light" and a bit "funny" as this book was :)

The story was predictable, but I liked it nontheless. I liked how they met and how they both "grew" and just tried to do the best of their situations. At times I just was bothered by them as they seemed to be more like 15,16,17 years old teenagers and not (almost)20/ 21 years olds. Sometimes they just didn´t seem very mature in my opinion. But maybe that´s just me.

I can´t really complain much about this book. As I already said it was a sweet, light and also quite a fast read.

I hope there will be another book with this couple. I guess I´ll meet them in the other books of this series again as they probably will play a part in Nicks brothers stories, but still... Another book of them in the future, maybe with kids and so on, would be nice. The epilogue just didn´t left me satisfied ;)

I will definitely read more books of this author and recommend this book :)


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