J.L.M. Visada The Ties That Bind: Midnight Squad


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Ties That Bind: Midnight Squad“ von J.L.M. Visada

What do you do when you just saved the world from a madman? You cash in on your newfound fame and get rich! At least that's what DD and the rest of the Midnight Squad are doing. Now the whole world knows about the sexy redheaded vampire Penny, the hyperactive lesbian werewolf Danika, the goth witch Katy, the seductive ghost Janine, and Grim...the newly risen horseman of the apocalypse. Sure it was a shock learning that some of the legendary creatures that go bump in the night turned out to be real, but as a whole it's been a fairly positive experience. There's just one problem...there was a reason nobody knew about the existence of these creatures. That reason calls itself The Darkness...and it's coming. The Darkness doesn't leave survivors...they leave examples. Join Grim and all the girls you loved from the first book in this sexy book filled with all kinds of erotically charged comic adventures. The first adventure was through Grim's eyes, but now see the world of the Midnight Squad through the eyes of DD. There's something here for everyone. Inside you'll find guns, scary monsters, sex, hilarious comedy, and more sex. It's hard to define this book at times. It's equal parts romantic comedy, horror, and military science fiction. Along the way our heroes will run into everything from furries to fairy headless horseman to an overeager military that wants to shoot first and ask questions later. If you ever wanted your porn to have a story...then this is the book for you, and for those of you that wanted your stories to have a little more sex...this is also the book for you. Sadly I can't say much about the story without giving it away. So instead I'll just list some of the things you'll run into going through this book. 1.Kinky Roleplaying 2.Fairies 3.Hardcore Pornography 4.Demons 5.Spanking 6.Snipers 7.Masturbation 8.Magic 9.Lesbians 10.Freaky Ghost Orgies 11.A Bisexual Vampire With A Video Game Addiction 12.A Lesbian Werewolf In Love 13.A BBW And Her Best Friend B.O.B. 14.Dildos And Vibrators 15.A Furry Convention 16.Bloody Dismemberments And A Decapitation 17.Dominance and Submission BDSM Fantasies 18.Sexy Women Getting Naked For Your Pleasure 19.A Hot and Horny Alpha Male With A Huge...Personality 20.A Sexy Ghost Nun With A Real Kinky Side 21....And So Much More!!! You don't have to believe me. Just click on the LOOK INSIDE at the top left of the page to get a free peek of the book. This book will make you laugh, and it'll get you hot and bothered at the same time. It's an entertaining adventure that never takes itself too seriously. Now grab a copy and sit back for something really fun.
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