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From the outstanding author of the bittersweet bestsellers FEELING SORRY FOR CELIA and FINDING CASSIE CRAZY, another mystery romance packed with clever twists and turns. (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/06.04.2007')
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  • Rezension zu "Becoming Bindy Mackenzie" von Jaclyn Moriarty

    Becoming Bindy Mackenzie

    Valkyrie Kane

    03. February 2010 um 22:02

    A wonderful book! After “Feeling Sorry for Celia” and “Finding Cassie Crazy” the third book written by Jaclyn Moriarty I’ve read. It’s highly entertaining and an incredibly good read. I couldn’t put it away. (At least not for very long. ;) As in J.M.’s first two books, this “Becoming Bindy Mackenzie” is also written like a diary (with additional letters, e-mails etc.) and takes place at Ashbury High. There are also characters you already know about, if you read “Feeling Sorry for Celia” and “Finding Cassie Crazy”, like, Elizabeth Clarry and Emily Thompson (and some others). Not only as cameos; they are a real part of the story. But the main character is, of course, Bindy (that’s short for Belinda, btw), who was also mentioned in the former books, but only as a side character. It’s great to see her develop throughout the book and I was laughing and grinning while reading it more that once. **SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER** It’s actually a crime story, but you don’t know for about three quarters of the book. Which is not bad, I think, because I’m one of those persons, who mostly knows who’s done it about five pages into the book. IF I know before that it’s a crime story! I this case you don’t (or, at least, I didn’t), so before you can get your head in the game, the mystery’s already solved. And surprisingly so. At least for me. And I really, really love it when such a kind of story manages to surprise me.

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