Jacqueline Chandler But You Can't Hide


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Inhaltsangabe zu „But You Can't Hide“ von Jacqueline Chandler

Stuart Finlay's missing persons case is going nowhere until his final meeting with the client doesn't go as planned. As Finlay's investigation deepens, he struggles to distinguish between the lies and the truth, and then finds a girl who could be the key to everything. But certain things still don't add up. And without warning, he and the girl become the target of brutal killers. Finlay is in trouble and both of their lives depend on the girl making the right decision. One thing Finlay knows for sure: You can run, but you can't hide. *** When you’ve lost everything and have no one to turn to, at what point do the lies you’ve told become justified? At what point do those same lies become the truth? Private detective Stuart Finlay is looking for a girl. He has a photo, a name and a clue to her location, but the girl appears to be a homeless runaway and few people notice the homeless. His investigation leads him to Katherine, who is neither homeless nor a runaway but is a dead ringer for the girl in the photo. Nothing matches what he’s been told though and it’s clear to him that someone, possibly even his own client, is lying. Despite the physical similarities, Katherine doesn’t seem to be the one and Finlay is out of possible leads. His client continues to push and Finlay comes to realize that he isn’t the only one looking for this girl. Brutal killers, thinking Finlay has already found his target, hunt him down in a quest for answers but Finlay doesn’t know anything. As they start to look at Katherine, Finlay risks everything to try to convince them she isn’t the one. He fails. Laden with guilt, Finlay is forced to watch as, bit by bit, Katherine is made to lose everything. He’s desperate to help her, but the killers are holding something over him, something Finlay will risk dying for in order to protect. If she can’t get away, Katherine may be forced to make the same sacrifice.
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