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1 auction, lots of money, lies and Sex
pieggyvor einem Jahr

2,5 Stars

This was my first book by Jade West and not my last (I already own another paperback of hers ;) ).

The book is written in a changing point of view of both the main characters.

The main characters are:

Melissa: A young woman who has to grow up and be mature from one day to another after sth tragic happened to her family. She has to put her dreams and plans on hold and will do everything now to raise her little brother as best as possible. And a job at the firm the man of her dreams, the man she loved since she met him, works at, is part of her plan. The plan: Work hard to get to the top, earn enough money and get the boss to fall in love with you too. But nothing is as easy as it seems and some plans might turn against her.

Alexander: He is the boss. A ruthless, feared and very successful lawyer. He´s powerful and confident. And he is also a man with special needs. A man who likes it rough. A man who is turned on by some things that others see as a Hard Limit. But behind all that is also a man who isn´t happy with his life as it his. A man who is lonely. A kind man who just needs someone who loves him and everything he is and likes. But who would do that? As hopeless as Alexander thinks it is to find someone like that, he will soon find out that it isn´t.

1 auction, lots of money, lies and Sex- all those will bring those two together. But what happens when it´s all over? What happens when the truth will finally be revealed?

Well read this book and find out yourself ;)

My opinion:

First of: The writing was good, although there were a couple mistakes in it. For example: Some sentences began with the words twice like "He heard he heard" (That´s just an example, I don´t remember the exact words). And one chapter had the wrong name on it- it said Melissa, although it was from Alexanders point of view. Also... from the beginning I thought that I read that Melissas brother is 5 years old. I was constantly imagining a 5 year old and then somewhere till /at the end it was mentioned that he´s a baby. That confused me.

The book was quite big. I wasn´t sure at first which book of hers (of the ones I already own) I wanted to read first. Buy Me Sir was at first a no as I wanted some fast read and as I mentioned before, this book is big. Therefore I wouldn´t be able to read it in one day and I didn´t. But I still picked it because it has a better rating on GR and it sounded good too. Somehow though, I´m a bit disappointed right know. I hoped it would be better :(

I wasn´t able to connect to the characters. Melissa annoyed the heck out of me. I really wanted to shake some sense into this girl. All her plans were so stupid. She was lying (I hate liers) from the beginning and everything she did was just wrong. Right at the beginning of the book I knew what would happen. I knew that the truth will finally come out and that there would be a fight and yeah. So it was all predictable. And I hate predictable. I was bored the whole time.

The prologue- well it basically said what would happen with the two. And then it was just waiting. Waiting and waiting and waiting. And then some more waiting. It took almost half the book until Melissa and Alexander finally (really) met and started their relationship- at first just the sexual activities.

Dean, Brutus and Melissas Brother were the best part.
Dean tried so hard to get her thinking clearly and to make her confess. He was the one who tried to stop her lying. It didnt work but still- he was the one who at least knew that everything she did was wrong
Brutus was awesome. Love how he´s protecting his home and dad. And his trust issues make him the more loveable. Everyone has flaws.

At times I couldn´t understand Alexander. He paid 2 million for a woman he barely knew. Alone 500.000$ for a date and a band barely no one knows! That´s rediculous and unbelievable. Also... He´s a 43 years old, grown up, confident, powerful man and still he is ashamed of himself? Because of that?! 
SPOILER START Why would someone who is as old as he is and as confident as he is be ashamed of being bisexual? Of liking to do men? He hates his father so why would he care what he thinks of him doing men. His father was even the one who was the reason for the first time he had sex with a guy- against his will. And why would he care that his ex-wife thinks he´s sick? He didn´love her and married her just "for fun". I just can´t understand this. SPOILER END

Some of the sexual activities were hot. I loved how he, when they met first, tested her. In general there were some scenes I think I haven´t read or haven´t read often in other books- Sexual activities that could be disgusting or uncomfortable for some ppl. Writing about this is def. a plus point.

The book got better till the end. The "incident" at the end- for me it could have been more focused on and could have been longer and maybe darker. It was just so quick and when I thought it´s over, it wasn´t. Not sure if I´m happy with that ;) The Epilogue was disappointing. But it´s fine.

The scene with Dean in the hotel room was slightly funny.

All in All: I expected a bit more to be honest. But I can´t love all books. As I already said- I will read more books by Jade West and hope I will like them more :)


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