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Until I Met You

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Wth was I reading?!
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3,75 Stars
Wth was I reading?!

First of all- I loved how the book started. The poem was awesome. Loved it. I also loved the picture of the little Siren on each chapter which is also slightly in a S form, which fits to the book title.

The story itself... wow.. Didn´t expect this. I kinda knew it would be dark but this was...I don´t know what to say. I mean- sure it has some dark, twisted and sick elements in it and stuff that might be hard for some to read about and to understand, but I´m open to everything. This book sucked me in.

Siren is written in the female characters view and shows scenes of the present as well of the past.

This book is about someone who went through something traumatic. It´s about somone who suffered, changed and started to get back to the ppl who hurt her. About someone whose life is now all about revenge and getting free of the demons who made her life hell.

Scarlett, the female protagonist is the Siren of this story. She´s the woman men look after, the woman every man wants to have sex with. She can wrap every male around her finger. Her being every mans dream is also part of her job. A job she has thanks to Reid and which isn´t really legal. And being good at her job has also it´s advantages when it comes to her revenge.

Reid is the man who offered Scarlett the job and who loves and who is also obsessed with her. He kinda controls her, which she is fine with. She feels safe with him and with him she is able to get her head clear. But who is Reid really? And what will happen when he shows his true face?

Scarletts Dad is also one of the main characters of this book. Why? You have to find out yourself. Just let me tell you- he´s sick.

Stuart is Scarlets Highschool friend. And when they meet again somewhen later, Scarlett starts to change again or rather become herself again, right? Well... almost

There are several more characters that consists of Scarletts family. But the main characters are those mentioned above.

My opinion (not sure if it spoilers too much?) :
I really loved how the book showed what emotional, mentally and physical abuse can do to someone. How it can change someone and to what those experiences can lead.

I really was able to understand Scarletts behaviour, although she´s not an easy character. She´s the victim and to save herself a bit she just went with it (the abuse) which in my opinion also led to her starting to get obsessed with the man who was hurting her. I think there´s some professional term psychatrists use. I think it was stockholm syndrom or sth like that. I was kinda torn of what to think of her. She has around 3 sides- the strong, cold, obsessed one; the hurt, vulnerable, broken one and the real one- the one she once was and can be. It was easy to see how helpless she was- even when she started her revenge. Like she´s helpless to fight against not only her abuser but also like she is helpless to fight against the person she became of the abuse- the obessive and mental sick person. I think she really believed to have had the upper hand... to have the control of the situations and her abuser but to me she somehow (almost) never had- except maybe at the end. She wanted to be strong and powerful but around the men (Reid, her Dad and a little bit Stuart) she wasn´t- with them she seemed weak- most of the time at least.
SPOILER START Especially when she was around her abuser- it all seemed more like a game- she enjoyed and wanted. But it didn´t seem like revenge or of having the power now. He was lusting after her almost all her life so is was no surprise he would still do it. And I was kinda dissapointed when I figured out that all she wanted was him to beg her. Him begging was the power she was seeking? Ridiculous . He also did it just the one time they had sex - that´s nothing SPOILER END 
I really do understand why she hates everyone and I understand why she did want the revenge. I wonder, though, if Reid was a good influence and if a therapy wouldn´t have helped her better. Well I won´t find out.

About her abuser... well he´s an a-hole. Really. He not only abused Scarlett mentally, emotionally and physically, he also manipulated her somehow. He made her obsessed with him and did everything to control her and her life and when she refused to let it happen, there were consequences. He was too sick and so obessed with her- he wanted to own her completely and wouldn´t let anyone come between them.

When it comes to Reid- I never knew what to think about him. I kinda liked him. He protected her, he gave her the job, he helped her elsewhere and didn´t want her just to use her body. But he also was so obsessed with her and controlling. I was torn. I didn´t know if I wanted her to end up with him or not.

Stuart was awesome. He was such a good friend and helped her to see her real self.

SPOILER START I liked how she finally got her revenge. I just would have loved to read about the aftermath. What happened after all the revelations? What were her mom and sis doing afterwards?  SPOILER END

There were plenty of sexscenes in it. I think it was the right amount. More probably would have been too much for me. They were hot too.

The revelation till the end...  SPOILER START I often thought that Scarlett seemed to like the obsessive type of guy and that Reid is almost like a slightly better version of her dad. But that he´s his son- that was nice to get to know about. SPOILER END

And then :The End...argh. Did it really happen or will there come another book? I wanna know what happened after that. Damn it. 
SPOILER START Did he really kill her? Of is she just unconciouss? What about Stuart? What will he do if he finds out? And Reid? What´s he doing either way?  SPOILER END

There were a couple of mistakes in the book, but that´s not so dramatic  SPOILER START f.e. Scarletts Dad was killed by Reid with his throat slit. But later on the police said that he was found with a wound to his back :/ Confused me. SPOILER END

All in all I really enjoyed reading it. It really was sth else. I don´t think my review shows properly what I felt or thought while reading this book. It´s just crazy. It´s like wanting to love and hate characters. Liking sth you don´t think is good or appropriate. Trying to understand sth, although it´s not "normal". Read this book if you´re open minded and if you aren´t bothered about reading about abuse and other stuff. :)


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