James Austin McCormick Sunfall


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Sunfall“ von James Austin McCormick

As democracy is swept away by a powerful Corporate League, a small section of society holds onto the libertarian dream, establishing an independent colony on Mars. Yet their time is running out. A solar storm called “Sunfall” is about to strike, powerful enough to wipe out every last one of them. Their only hope is Sana, a young, idealistic scientist and creator of a terra-forming device capable of giving Mars its own protective shield. With just days until the storm hits, she teams up with a two bit smuggler named Zak, who, for the right price, agrees to get her to Mars. The League, however, have their own sinister plans for the red planet and unleash their Raijin, a near invulnerable, hybrid super-assassin, to hunt down and kill them. As the chase continues only Zak’s ingenuity and flying skills can keep them alive, but for how long?
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