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Autor von Ugly As Sin, Die Kirche der toten Zungen und weiteren Büchern.

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Die Kirche der toten Zungen

Die Kirche der toten Zungen

Erschienen am 12.11.2012
Ugly As Sin

Ugly As Sin

Erschienen am 28.01.2017
Best Before

Best Before

Erschienen am 30.07.2012

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Rezension zu "Ugly As Sin" von James Newman

misspidervor einem Jahr

I didn't really know what to expect when I started this book, but something about the summary got my interest. Definitely not the fact that the main character was a former wrestling star, a sport that doesn't mean anything to me, but maybe the bittersweet smell of human tragedy it exuded. With that, I entered a whole new world of writing, where each character was a damaged soul in their own way and for the first time ever I think of the word 'poetic' to describe an author's talent for forging words into stories. However, I often use the phrase 'human monsters' and again, I found a story that perfectly fits into that category, where the true monsters are not recognizable by their looks, but have an inner ugliness perfectly hidden from view. But if evil would always be recognizable just by the looks of it, stories could get very boring and many great works just wouldn't exist.

From the first sentence, I was drawn to the story and despite all his past failures, mainly him leaving his family for the sake of commercial fame, I couldn't help but sympathize with Nick. While I surely pitied him for his disfigurement, it marked the turning point of his life and made him a better man, as I'm sure he would not have followed his daughter's call for help had he still been big in business.

The plot was very suspenseful, while at the same time very emotional. His writing seems to flow so effortlessly, while at the same time carrying a depth I have seldom encountered before. Also the characters in the book, even minor appearances, show a dense complexity that give you the feeling of standing right next to them and being part of the story.

Mr Newman is a true master of his art and with this one book he already earned a permanent place on my list of favorite authors.

(Thanks to Librarything, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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