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  1. Band 1: 1st to Die

    Ersterscheinung: 05.03.2001
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 02.04.2002
    The adrenaline-fuelled first novel in the Women's Murder Club series
  2. Band 2: 2nd Chance

    Ersterscheinung: 01.01.2002
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 01.02.2003
    A brutal madman sprays bullets into a crowd of children leaving a San Francisco church. Miraculously-or was it intentionally?-only one person dies. Then an elderly black woman is hung. Police homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer senses a connection and together with medical examiner Claire, assistant D. A. Jill, and Chronicle reporter Cindy, finds a link that sends a chill through the entire nation. This killer's motives are unspeakable.§A Main Selection of The Literary Guild®, of Book-of-the-Month Club®, of Doubleday Book Club®, and of The Mystery Guild®
  3. Band 3: 3rd Degree

    Ersterscheinung: 01.03.2004
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 01.01.2005
    The Women's Murder Club returns in a shockingly suspenseful thriller. Plunging into a burning town house, Detective Lindsay Boxer discovers three dead bodies...and a mysterious message at the scene. When more corpses turn up, Lindsay asks her friends Claire Washburn of the medical examiner's office, Assistant D.A. Jill Bernhardt, and San Francisco Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas to help her find a murderer who vows to kill every three days. Even more terrifying, he has targeted one of the four friends. Which one will it be?
  4. Band 4: 4th of July

    Ersterscheinung: 01.05.2005
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 10.10.2011
    Detective Lindsay Boxer and the Women's Murder Club make a courageous return for their fourth and most chilling case ever-one that could easily be their last. In a late-night showdown after a near-fatal car chase, San Francisco police lieutenant Lindsay Boxer has to make an instantaneous decision: in self-defense, she fires her weapon-and sets off a chain of events that leaves a police force disgraced, an entire city divided, and a family destroyed. Now everything she's worked her entire life for hinges on the decision of twelve jurors. To escape scrutiny during breaks from her trial, Lindsay retreats to the picturesque town of Half Moon Bay. But soon after her arrival, a string of grisly murders punches through the peaceful community. There are no witnesses and there is no discernible pattern. But a key detail recalls a case Lindsay worked on as a rookie years before-an unsolved murder that has haunted her ever since. As summer comes into full swing, Lindsay and her friends in the Women's Murder Club battle for her life on two fronts: before a judge and jury as her trial comes to a climax, and facing unknown adversaries who will do anything to keep her from the truth about the killings-including killing again. James Patterson fine-tunes the tension as never before in this breathtaking addition to the best-selling detective series to debut in a decade.
  5. Band 5: The 5th Horseman

    Ersterscheinung: 01.01.2006
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 17.04.2007
    he Women's Murder Club novels are the second most popular detective series of all time (James Patterson's Alex Cross series is No. 1)
  6. Band 6: The 6th Target

    Ersterscheinung: 19.04.2007
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 01.12.2008
    he Women's Murder Club novels are the second most popular detective series of all time (James Patterson's Alex Cross series is No. 1)
  7. Band 7: 7th Heaven

    Ersterscheinung: 01.01.2008
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 01.04.2009
    Two cases have pushed Detective Lindsay Boxer to the limit. A string of fatal arson attacks have broken out in San Fransisco. The targets have one thing in common: they are all rich, successful, married couples. With four couples dead, Lindsay is determined to put a stop to the killings and trace the murderer.
  8. Band 8: The 8th Confession

    Ersterscheinung: 26.03.2009
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 01.01.2010
    When a rock star, a fashion designer, a software tycoon and a millionaire heiress are all murdered in mysterious circumstances, Detective Lindsay Boxer is quickly assigned to the high-profile investigation.
  9. Band 9: 9th Judgement

    Ersterscheinung: 19.03.2010
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 17.03.2011
  10. Band 10: 10th Anniversary

    Ersterscheinung: 04.03.2011
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 04.03.2011
    .Detective Lindsay Boxer's long-awaited wedding celebration becomes a distant memory when she is called to investigate a horrendous crime: a badly injured teenage girl is left for dead, and her newborn baby is nowhere to be found. Lindsay discovers that not only is there no trace of the criminals - but that the victim may be keeping secrets. At the same time, Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano is prosecuting the biggest case of her life - a woman who has been accused of murdering her husband in front of her two young children. Yuki's career rests on a guilty verdict, so when Lindsay finds evidence that could save the defendant, she is forced to choose. Should she trust her best friend or follow her instinct? Lindsay's every move is watched by her new boss, Lieutenant Jackson Brady, and when the pressure to find the baby starts interfering with her new marriage to Joe, she wonders if she'll ever be able to start a family of her own. - See more at: http://www.randomhouse.com.au/books/james-patterson/10th-anniversary-9780099525370.aspx#sthash.HnSczlRO.dpuf
Über James Patterson
Nonstop Spannung und Autor der Superlative: Er hat mehr Serienhelden geschaffen, als jeder andere zeitgenössische Autor und hält den Guinness Rekord als Schriftsteller mit den meisten Nummer-Eins-Platzierungen auf der Bestsellerliste der New York Times. Patterson hat mehr als 350 Millionen ...
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