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Cover des Buches Chasers (ISBN: 9780758280664)


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Cover des Buches Chasers (ISBN: 9780758280664)
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Rezension zu "Chasers" von James Phelan

Rezension zu "Chasers" von James Phelan
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16yo Jesse from Australia and his new friends Dave, Anna and Mini are visiting New York for a UN Youth Ambassador’s camp. They are on a subway when a massive explosion suddenly rocks their train. As the only survivors they manage to escape the underground inferno. Arriving above-ground they find themselves stranded in a New York in chaos – with buildings burning and falling down and abandoned and smashed cars on the streets. The most disturbing fact, however, is, that New York’s streets, usually full of noise and life, are deserted – they can’t see a single body. The four teenagers have no idea what might have happened. When they finally see some people in the distance their joy is quite short-lived because all human beings seem to be infected by some mysterious virus. Those people act like zombie-like creatures who crave for any liquid. This can be muddy water from the streets, molten snow, water from fire hydrants –
or human blood …
Jesse, Dave, Anna and Mini have to run for their lives, find a place to hide and wait for rescue whenever this might come.

This book includes an interesting mixture of horror, mystery, philosophy and ordinary teenager stuff. It bugged me a bit that I couldn’t find a hint for the reasons of the chaos – a terrorist attack, beginning of a war or an alien invasion? Nevertheless, the result of the attack, especially the idea of a deserted New York and only a few survivors running around like zombies with an unsatisfiable thirst is quite cool. I also liked the innuendo of hidden humanity in those creatures that only seems to be uncovered if you treat them like that what they originally were – human beings.

CHASERS is a thrilling and fast-paced novel, although I could have done without some of the passages with arguing and descriptions how the group somehow killed the time while not knowing what to do. The final pages compensate for all these minor flaws. At the end I was like – huh, what the … – I didn’t see that coming, although on closer examination the author tells it right from the first page. Don’t expect me to tell you more – just read the book, it’s worth it!

I’ll definitely be back for the sequel to see what happens next.


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