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Behind The Wall: A Novella

Behind The Wall: A Novella

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Erschienen am 14.01.2014

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Nice, short, fast read :)
pieggyvor einem Jahr

2,25 Stars

Well... For such a short story it was quite good. I´m usually not a fan of short stories but keep giving them a chance. This one was ok. I enjoyed reading it. It was a fast read and also my first Jane Harvey-Berrick book. I´ll give her other books a chance as well as I liked her writing style. The characters were likeble. The pace of the story was fine as well.

This book is about making mistakes and wrong decisions and getting a 2nd chance. It´s about looking behind the walls, seeing people for who they really are. It´s about wanting to live a "normal" life and about prejudices and learning to live with them. The book is about accepting someone for who they are, building their opinion based on the human who stands in front of you and not on who they were and what they did in the past. And it´s also about love- of course :)

The main characters are Ella, a teacher, and (Dane) Garrett, a prisoner.

Two different people with two different lives and backgrounds find each other in the classroom of a prison. She is there to change those peoples lives, he is there because he has to. Looks can be deceiving and even though they seem not to like each other, on the inside they feel differently. And the more they get close to each other and the more Ella learns about the real Garrett, the more they start to feel sth for each other. But it´s forbidden. They can´t start an affair/relationship, because that could get both in trouble. So what happens when a cellmate thinks otherwise? What happens when one moment would give them a chance to become more? What happens when one chance would break them apart? And what happens when Garrett will finally be a free man again? Is it even possible to love an ex-con? Will he be able to get his life on track? Will he be able to see Ella again? Would he push her away? Would it be even possible to have a relationship with her?

Read and find out ;)

My Opinion:

As I already said. It was ok. I couldn´t completely connect with the characters but they were likeable. They were human. In most short stories, the characters fall in love and are a couple instantly. I liked that it didn´t happen here. It started with attraction and the feelings started to build more and more.

I also liked Garrett and how unsure he was of their relationship, himself, his life and his future. He doubted himself and was vulnerable, even though he was this strong, confident guy on the outside.

I liked how Ella was able to see the real him and tried to get to know him more. She didn´t let prejudice keep her from her job and also Garret. She had an open mind which was good.

I´d have loved for her to get pregnant- I mean they had unprotected Sex twice and I love pregnancies and babies :P

The poems were great. Loved them.

I might have liked this book more if it would´ve been longer and if it would´ve shown more of their life after he was released from prison. The epilogue just showed a tiny glimpse. Would´ve been nice to get to know if he was able to get a job as an auto-mechanic.

So..Yeah. It was a nice short story and a fast read so if you´re into them, this one might be sth you´d like :)


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