Janet Kagan Uhura's Song


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Uhura's Song“ von Janet Kagan

Years ago, Lt. Uhura befriended a diplomat from Eeiauo, the land of graceful, cat-like beings. The two women exchanged forbidden songs and promised never to reveal their secret. Now the Enterprise is orbiting Eeiauo in a desperate race to save the inhabitants before a deadly plague destroys them. Uhura's secret songs may hold the key to a cure - but the clues are veiled in layers of mystery. The plague is killing humans, threatening other planets - and Kirk must crack the code before the Enterprise succumbs!

Not only for SF fans! This book is full of magic and cordiality

— paulsbooks

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  • The yet most touching novel from the classic TOS series

    Uhura's Song


    23. September 2016 um 16:03

    I've read this book twice after I received it years ago in combination with a relatively big collection of Star Trek Classic/TOS novels. Reading them chronologically, I by far most remember the touch this book gave me. The story is well developed, the idea of how cat-like humans would develop a culture under different (and difficult) circumstances makes this one special. It is not just a science-fiction novel, but also extends its influence to the fantasy genre. And it left a permanent footprint in my heart.Indeed I read its German translation, but as this is not listed here, I decided to post my review regarding this original release, and in English.