The Last Pantheon: of spiders and falcons

The Last Pantheon: of spiders and falcons
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Inhaltsangabe zu "The Last Pantheon: of spiders and falcons"

“…It all began in Chazzrynn, with Sir James Andellis, an orphan Knight of Southwind. I shall tell you of him, my son, for he is our only living relation, though that secret shall remain with us alone. James lost everything that he knew, that day on the Fields of Arouland in 331, and was left with but the horror of defeat at the hands of the ogre horde. Hatred, self-loathing and wine helped him endure each day after, as he sought a most glorious end, to his most tragic life. James wandered the lands of the black falcon, not knowing of us, killing ogre for pay, and hoping to die himself…” What became of James Andellis, who he met, and what he endured, shall be told, in of spiders and falcons. The hand of destiny touched him, a being forgotten to myth saw him, and then the others began to cross his path. Joined by a noble elven swordswoman, a minotaur seeking his freedom, a priest with promise to keep, and the daughter of the mistress of the arcane arts, James Andellis becomes involved in a desperate fight against more than he could possibly realize. Secrets are revealed as one of them is carrying something of great value, and it is sought by enemies they are not yet aware of. Hunting them is an assassin marked with the most dire of fey curses, Kendari of Stillwood. Waiting in every city is the infamous White Spider, the deadliest criminal organization across the known world. Through the frozen south of Chazzrynn, the storyteller weaves a tale of adventure, hope, and survival. An epic fantasy saga two decades in the making, The Last Pantheon introduces readers to a dark new realm of legendary heroes and forgotten myths. Of spiders and falcons, the first of eighteen in the series, opens up a new world to explore, and will be followed with the next installment, of dragons and crowns.


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Verlag:Jason R Jones

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