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  • Creepy, but also funny

    What Hides Within


    12. March 2018 um 07:47 Rezension zu "What Hides Within" von Jason Parent

    You don't like spiders and fear they will be crawling all over the pages of this book? Don't let that keep you from reading it, though, as it is much more than just an arachnid creature feature. Though the story does start with an unfortunate incident, leading to an eight-legged lodger in Clive's head, it soon turns into kind of a psychological thriller with a dose of humor.The characters are multi-layered and not too likable, which makes it much more interesting to follow them along. As it turns out, at the end the spider was ...

  • It was OK

    A Life Removed


    24. July 2017 um 07:08 Rezension zu "A Life Removed" von Jason Parent

    'A Life Removed' is a thriller which runs the gamut from psychological to horror. When several bodies are found missing their hearts, detectives Marklin and Beaudette have a hard time investigating the case. The book has no fix POV, as parts of the story describe the police investigation, while others follow Aaron Pimental, who happened to be the first officer at the first crime scene. As a third angle, we have the viewpoint of the culprit, so we also know the who, how and where of each next murder. As the reader knows from the ...

  • Beautiful horror

    Unseemly: A Novella of Horror


    20. July 2016 um 06:45 Rezension zu "Unseemly: A Novella of Horror" von Jason Parent

    While this was a fast read, the pace of the story was not - which in this case is not meant as criticism. Of course, the action traveled in high gear, but several descriptive scenes appeared like in slow motion, where you are able to notice every little detail in perfect clarity. Another well-working constrast of the story was between the mystical cute little fairies and the horrendous otherworldly creatures. (The first image that came to mind was the cuddly little Blawp from Lost in Space - caused by some weird mental short ...

  • Original take on the genre

    Where Wolves Run: A Novella of Horror


    20. June 2016 um 13:28 Rezension zu "Where Wolves Run: A Novella of Horror" von Jason Parent

    This fast-paced novella concentrates on two characters: a boy and his father, who reveals himself as a werewolf hunter. While the father is away from home, the boy must find out himself whether the legends and stories about those evil creatures are true...Offering a slightly different take on the genre, this book did not waste time with a detailed background story or long-winded explanations of the creatures' origin. After the reader is introduced to the characters and the current situation, the main part consists of the hunt - ...

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