Jay McLean More Than Him (2015): Volume 3 (More Than Series)


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Please note that this is the third book in the series and should not be read prior to reading the fi....

Perfect blend of humor, steam, angst and romance. This was a story about forgiveness, love, and second chances.

— Lonechastesoul
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  • Eleventy-three Stars.

    More Than Him (2015): Volume 3 (More Than Series)


    27. December 2015 um 19:33

    "She was my person. She was it for me. Always." There is something magical about this series. Whether it’s the characters themselves, the amazing writing, the humor, I don’t know, but together it makes for a deeply emotional yet sweetly endearing New Adult series that have taken a hold of my heartstrings and won’t let go. More Than Him starts off right where More Than Her left off. Logan left Amanda and she has to nurse her broken heart. She doesn’t have any idea how she’ll be able to live without the love of her life. Still, Amanda tries to pick up the broken pieces of her soul and slowly come back to life. I heart Logan Matthews! I love the way he loves. Admits to his mistakes and even though he screws up a lot, he’s always willing to work to fix it. There are not words that can describe how wonderful this book was. Yes, they had lots of obstacles to overcome and they made even more mistakes but when they were together it was like the whole world stopped existing. Logan and Amanda story will definitely be close to my heart and I don’t think that I will ever forget how much I adored this novel. I was mesmerized by how stunningly McLean’s finished their book. Jay McLean showcases great chemistry with her hero’s and heroine’s. It’s magnetic, it’s undeniable, it’s pure perfection. I LOVE THESE BOOKS! Perfect blend of humor, steam, angst and romance. This was a story about forgiveness, love, and second chances. If your ready to laugh, cry, and swoon, then pick this series up!

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