Jaycee Dugard A Stolen Life. Ein gestohlenes Leben, englische Ausgabe


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Inhaltsangabe zu „A Stolen Life. Ein gestohlenes Leben, englische Ausgabe“ von Jaycee Dugard

On 10 June 1991, eleven-year-old Jaycee Dugard was abducted from a school bus stop within sight of her home in Tahoe, California. It was the last her family and friends saw of her for over eighteen years. On 26 August 2009, Dugard, her daughters, and Phillip Craig Garrido appeared in the office of her kidnapper's parole officer in California. Their unusual behaviour sparked an investigation that led to the positive identification of Jaycee Lee Dugard, living in a tent behind Garrido's home. During her time in captivity, at the age of fourteen and seventeen, she gave birth to two daughters, both fathered by Garrido. Dugard's memoir, as yet untitled, is being written by the 30-year-old herself and covers the period from the time of her abduction in 1991 up until the present. In her stark, compelling narrative, Jaycee opens up about what she experienced, including how she feels now, a year after being found. Garrido and his wife Nancy have since pleaded guilty to their crimes.

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  • True story of a kidnapping victim

    A Stolen Life. Ein gestohlenes Leben, englische Ausgabe


    17. February 2016 um 16:12

    A stolen life is the story of Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was kidnapped on her way to school in 1991 at age eleven. She would be a captive for an incredible 18 years and have two babies by her captor before she was rescued. In her book, Jaycee explains how she tried to survive and what her new life in freedom is like. When you hear about stories like that of Jaycee Dugard or for instance, Natascha Kampusch, most people and the media are lurking like predators for details, photos and the whole „true“ story. I guess you want to be appalled and fascinated at the same time by what these women went through. That's why I was hesitant for a long time to read Jaycee's account. It felt like intruding on her privacy. You also don't know the motivations behind the book: was she more or less forced to write her story so the media would leave her alone? On the other hand we're the same age and now I'm also a mother I can relate to her a lot. I would think what was I doing this or that year, where was I while she had her first daughter at age fourteen and so on. It made her story much more real for me. As an outsider you can understand how she was threatened, manipulated and conditioned into believing that the outside world was bad, that nobody remembered her anymore and so on, so that she didn't escape even when she had the chance in later years. She even protected her captors, the Garrido couple, until Philip Garrido finally confessed. Only then did she mention her real name, that she hadn't been allowed to say or write in years (she was using the name „Allissa“ instead). But you can also understand how she tried to survive and Jaycee Dugard earned my utmost respect for protecting her daughters and never letting herself being broken inside. Ms Dugard writes like she was at a certain age, starting with the voice of an 11-year-old and thus letting the reader grow with her. I liked that and also the reflection she often put at the end of chapters. The way she wrote about her reunion with her mother brought tears to my eyes. Jaycee Dugard also writes a lot about her „new“ life and what she learned about herself in therapy. Through all her ordeal, she tries to be a good mother and sounds perfectly normal in that. I wish her all the best! If you want to read this book, I can recommend it, it's up to you.