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Cover des Buches The Shadow Year (ISBN: 9780061863752)

The Shadow Year

Erschienen am 13.10.2009
Cover des Buches The Twilight Pariah (ISBN: 9780765397348)

The Twilight Pariah

Erschienen am 12.09.2017
Cover des Buches The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque (ISBN: 9780061977039)

The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque

Erschienen am 06.10.2009

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Cover des Buches The Shadow Year (ISBN: 0061231533)

Rezension zu "The Shadow Year" von Jeffrey Ford

A perfect story
misspidervor 4 Jahren

This was a fantastic coming-of-age story that pushed all the right buttons for me. What I loved most about this book was the way the author portrayed the world through the eyes of a kid - full of mystery and wonders, though not all of them turn out what they appear to be and have a rational explanation. This strongly reminded me of my own childhood, where my imagination let monsters roam the woods and a crazy witch was living in the creepy run-down house on our street. Knowing somewhere in the back of my mind that this could not possibly be real, but running home in fear each time a twig snapped or the curtain moved...

As amazing as the cast of characters - the three siblings captured my heart at once - was the plot. Mysterious and subtly creepy, it never failed to surprise me and scare me as much as the boy who tells the story. The ending was perfect, sad but also relieving, just like the boy says: the shadow year was finally over... A most wonderful book that will stay with you for a very long time.


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