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Cover des Buches Im Zauber dieser Nacht (ISBN:9783954464098)

Im Zauber dieser Nacht

Erschienen am 21.01.2013
Cover des Buches Blitzhochzeit mit dem Milliardär (Julia) (ISBN:9783733700188)

Blitzhochzeit mit dem Milliardär (Julia)

Erschienen am 20.12.2013
Cover des Buches Heißgeliebter Lügner (Julia 2193) (ISBN:9783733701963)

Heißgeliebter Lügner (Julia 2193)

Erschienen am 18.08.2015
Cover des Buches Glaub an das Glück, Annabelle! (ISBN:9783864946011)

Glaub an das Glück, Annabelle!

Erschienen am 31.08.2012
Cover des Buches Julia Extra Band 444 (ISBN:9783963690013)

Julia Extra Band 444

Erschienen am 09.01.2018
Cover des Buches Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret (ISBN:9780373132652)

Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret

Erschienen am 15.07.2014

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Being Lena Carlisle-- an absolutely convincing romance novel from a different point of view
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 5 Jahren

There are romance novels that are light and easy to read. Romances you feel well with after you've read the last page, and which you'll remember as a good read, of course, but you can't remember why you thought so about that book.
Then, there are romance novels that touch. Which allow you, the reader, to dive deep into the story, let you feel and experience the journey of the main characters as if you were there, standing next to them. But, what if you were the main character yourself, like it is in this book, being Lena Carlisle? What if you could feel, see and touch everything Lena sees, feels and touches?
Contemporary romance author Jennie Lucas just gave us the chance to find out about exactly this, with her newest story "Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret". And she does well with it. Those who have read Jennie's books before, know pretty well about her ability to touch a readers heart with her writing. With this romance novel, the author has outdone herself, throwing us directly into Lena's head. It's a huge effort to write a novel from first person point of view, and even better when the author succeeds in showing believable emotions, insecurities and decisions of the acting main character. I believed everything Lena Carlisle said and did, because she had comprehensive reasons for it; plus, the author gave me enough time to understand Lena's motivation. Also, her counterpart Alejandro Navaro acted traceable when slowly unfolding the layers of his own family history, his fears and weaknesses. Even a Spanish millionaire peer has to fight the demons of the past, before he and Lena can have their Happy End.
A completely recommendable romance novel, told from a different but great point of view.


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