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Der Beginn war etwas schleppend, dann nimmt das Buch aber an Fahrt auf. Ein paar Dinge haben etwas gestört, hab aber trotzdem weiter gelesen

— Jounie
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  • Extremely short but intriguing!

    First Frost


    06. June 2013 um 20:55

    Let me first say that I have NOT read the Mythos Academy Books yet - I bought the Mythos Academy Bundle, which includes "First Frost", "Touch of Frost", "Kiss of Frost" and "Dark Frost", and I'm going to read them in this order. So I do not know yet if this short story contains spoilers, foreshadowing etc. for the main books. In "First Frost", we meet our heroine Gwen, a teenaged girl with an unusual gift: when she touches things that other people have touched before her, she draws fragments of memory and emotion from them in vivid images. Her mother and her grandmother also have supernatural talents, a fact that Gwen explains with their shared gypsy heritage. Before the happenings of this short story, she has apparently mostly used her talent for personal gain - by finding lost belongings for a small fee. One fateful day, Gwen's curiousity gets the best of her: she deliberately touches a hairbrush belonging to a girl in her class in order to learn her secrets... And Gwen learns more, far more, than she bargained for. Her attempts to help trigger a tragedy that she couldn't have anticipated. Pros: Books that feature schools for paranormal teens always appeal to me, and this short story gives me hope that Mythos Academy is going to be just the ticket. Boarding school - check. Young heroine that is (mostly) new to the world of the paranormal - check. Hint at a possible love interest - check. Hint at conflicts and an enemy or possibly several - check. I like that Gwen "sounds" like a real teenager. The writing style may not be perfect but it feels natural to me for exactly that reason. At heart, our heroine seems to be just a normal girl with normal insecurities, hopes and dreams. It's going to be interesting to see how she copes with her new unusual school (that not only features kids with awesome powers, but also kids who flaunt their apparent wealth with brand clothing and designer watches). I also like that right from the start, Gwen's talent is not just a blessing but also a curse. She helped somebody who was stuck in a horrible situation, but she paid a heavy personal price for it. Contras: This is a short story with the emphasis on "short"! It's really just a teeny tiny teaser to get you hooked. Since I got it as part of the bundle, I don't mind too much, but I would've been disappointed if I'd spent money on it. I feel that Gwen has more than a touch of Mary Sue* - the white skin and the violet eyes (not a combination I usually associate with gypsies), the unusual magical talent and her magical family... Her awkwardness and clumsiness only make up for that a tiny bit, but I'm hoping that in the main novels, Gwen will develop further into a fleshed-out, well-balanced character.

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    First Frost

    Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzer

    21. January 2012 um 19:09

    Gwen Frost hat eine Gabe: sobald sie Personen oder Dinge berührt, fängt sie Gefühle und Bilder auf. Das kann zwar recht hilfreich sein, aber auch sehr anstrengend, vor allem, weil man dadurch kaum normal leben kann. Als Gwen die Haarbrüste einer Mitschülerin berührt, entdeckt sie Schreckliches und innerhalb kurzer Zeit, verändert sich Gwens ganzes Leben. Diese Kurzgeschichte erzählt den Teil der Geschichte, der vor Gwens Zeit in der Mythos Academy liegt. Der Leser erfährt hier, dass Gwen trotz ihrer Gabe ein normales Mädchen ist, das mit seiner Mutter zusammenlebt und ein enges Verhältnis zu seiner Großmutter hat. Durch die Ereignisse in dieser Geschichte bekommt der Leser einen noch besseren Einblick in Gwens Gefühlswelt.

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