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  • What you get is what you see ...

    Touch of Frost


    20. February 2014 um 12:50

    Gwen Frost ist 17 years old and 6 month ago her live has changed dramaticly, when her mother got killed in a drunk driving accident. Before, she was a fairly normal teenage girl in her very ordinary public highschool. Now, she’s everything but. Shipped of to Mythos Academy, a school full of descendants of mythological Gods, Warriors, Amazons, Valkyries, Spartans, you name it, she has a hard time fitting in. Sure, she’s got magic of her own, her psychometry – a gift for seeing things by touching objects and/or persons – but nothing like the kick ass fighting skills even the geekiest geek at mythos posesses. She’s not as rich, strong, fast or popular as any of the other kids. On the contrary, she’s the weird Gypsy girl who makes a little on the side by finding lost items for other students. Working the late shift in the library on campus, Gwen more or less stumbles upon the dead body of Jasmin Ashton, the most popular bitch … erm … girl at Mythos. Before she can get any help (or collect her senses), Gwen is knocked out and when she comes around, Jasmin is still dead and a powerful artifact stolen. Strange enough, nobody seems to care. At least not about a dead girl in the library. Life goes on at Mythos and that’s not something Gwen can let go. Her mother wasn’t a police detective for nothing. Set on finding the killer herself, Gwen starts to investigate and that definitively could get a Gypsy girl killed. Especially in a school where everyone is able to slaughter you with the breakfast muffin. Touch of Frost ist the first book of the Mythos Academy Series by Jennifer Estep and as I said, what you get is what you see. A little highschool drama, first love, teenage angst, mythology … In the myriad of fantasy novels out there, I think this is one of the better ones. It’s not the classic vampire, werewolf, soulmate stuff everybody seems to write about these days. What did I expect? Not much, to be honest, so I was positivly surprised by the story. Gwen is nice enough, if a little slow on the uptake sometimes. She doesn’t believe (at least at first) what they are taught at school, about ancient wars and battles, even though she sees the very proof every day. Denial only get’s you so far. Anyway, she has to deal with the death of her mom and her guilt about it, her loneliness and of course her crush on Logan. I really liked Grandma Frost, a very cool lady with a gift of her own. The friends Gwen makes – eventually - are an interesting bunch. Daphne, the Valkyrie „princess“ with the hot temper and amazing computer skills and her boyfriend Carson the warrior bard and leader of the Academy Marching Band. Later in the book, there is also Vic, her talking sword :) Logan, the sexy man-slut Spartan with the bad-boy attitude thing going, is a pretty intriguing character. He saves Gwens live – twice – and obviously likes her but that’s about it. The closer they get, the more distant he becomes. What’s the secret he’s not willing to share? The only really negative thing I can say about the book, are the authors constant repetitions. And I mean constant! And repetition. I lost count on how often she used the words magic mumbo jumbo, froufrou, Gypsy and described Gwens eyecolour as a shade between purple and grey, grey and purple, a soft shade of … you catch my drift? And that’s just an example. She used the same expressions and descriptions again and again. If you can’t get over repetitions leave it be. You won’t be happy with this book. If you’re able to sigh, roll your eyes and get on with it you’ll get an entertaining fantasy novel for young adults. The series has potential, no doubt about it. I’ll continue with book #2 (Kiss of frost), hope for less repetitions and more adventures with Gwen, her friends and Mr. Cool as ice, Logan Quinn :)

  • Mythology meets modern teenagehood

    Touch of Frost


    06. June 2013 um 20:46

    The story: Gwen Frost is a bit of a geek but otherwise a fairly ordinary teenaged girl - or at least she would be if she didn't have her magic: a powerful Gypsy gift named psychometry that allows her, by touching an item, to read the emotions and memories of every person who's touched it before her. Despite this talent, she leads a normal, mostly uneventful life... Until her mother dies in a car accident and her grandmother sends Gwen off to Mythos Academy, a school for kids who are the descendants of mythological warriors. Gwen has troubles blending in: she's not an Amazone, or a Valkyrie or a Spartan. She's not superstrong, superfast or awesome at fighting with any kind of weapon. She's not filthy rich, like most of the other kids. So she keeps her head down and copes as best as she can on her own... Until one fateful night when she works late at the campus library and finds one of her classmates lying in a pool of her own blood, her throat slit. Can Gwen find out who did it? Is she putting herself in danger by sticking her nose into things that don't, strictly speaking, concern her? And what's up with Logan, the dark, dangerous, sexy Spartan she (literally) keeps running into? My pros: I enjoyed Gwen as a character. She's definitely a good girl with a brave, compassionate heart, but she also has her flaws - which is great, as it makes her much more believable! I was rooting for her from the start. And I loved Vic, the "sidekick" (sort of), introduced towards the end of the novel! I think he's going to make for great comic relief. Logan, the sexy boy with the dubious reputation for sleeping with every girl on campus, makes for an intriguing love interest: he seems to show genuine interest, he saves Gwen's life - but he also kisses other girls in front of her and takes somebody else to the school dance. It's not instant mutual love, and there seems to be more to Logan than has been revealed so far. Why is he so ambivalent about being a Spartan? I like the whole idea of a boarding school full of supernatural teens who are NOT vampires or angels for a change, but instead descendants of mythological heroes and heroines - which doesn't necessarily make them the "good guys" or the "bad guys", it's not as black-and-white as that. Jennifer Estep seems to have put a lot of thought into her world-building, and it lays a good ground for suspenseful stories. The pacing of the novel was pretty good, in my opinion. I never got bored with the plot. My cons: The writing is very repetitive. The author uses the same descriptions and images again and again. For example, here is how violet eyes are described in this book: "between purple and gray" (...) "softly falling twilight" "neither gray nor purple" (...) "the soft shade of twilight" "neither purple nor gray" (...) "the soft color of twilight" "twilight-colored eyes" (2x) "a beautiful mix of purple and gray" (...) "made me think of twilight" Gwen refers to herself as "that Gypsy girl who saw things" about a dozen times, and I've lost count on how many times she calls herself a Gypsy in general. I was confused about the definition of Gypsy that applies here; the concept seemed to jar a bit with the whole mythology background, and as far as I can tell, it didn't have anything to do with the life and culture of actual gypsies. I wish the readers would gain more in-depth knowledge about the different kinds of supernaturals - Amazones, Valkyries, Spartans, Romans... It's clear that there's more to them than just being superfast, superstrong or superdetermined, but we are shown precious little of their abilities beyond that. Maybe that will be developed further in the next couple of books? The book has some content that I wouldn't consider suitable for teens under 15 (for example, Gwen witnesses two people having oral sex), but for a YA book that's geared towards older teens, the writing is a bit simplistic in parts. Gwen flat-out refuses to believe in the whole mythological "mumbo jumbo" for large parts of the book, which struck me as odd since a) she has magic herself, as did her mother and grandmother and b) she actually witnesses other kids being obviously more than "normal" humans (shooting magic sparks out of their fingers, being too fast, too strong etc.) Conclusion: All in all, the novel doesn't quite make the list of my all-time favorite books, but it's an entertaining (if slightly flawed) read and a nice breather from the supernatural YA stereotypes of angels/vampires/demons. There's a lot of untapped potential, so I have high hopes for the next books in the series.

  • Rezension zu "(Touch of Frost: A Mythos Academy Novel) By Estep, Jennifer (Author) paperback on (08 , 2011)" von Jennifer Estep

    Touch of Frost

    Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzer

    26. February 2012 um 10:28

    Touch of Frost ist sehr ähnlich wie House of Night. Ziegeunermädchen Gwen Frost ist von der Göttin Nike auserwählt gegen das Böse zu kämpfen. Zuerst weiss sie nichts davon und sieht sich als Minderwertig unter all den anderen Schüler an der Mythos Academy. Wie in House of Night wird die Zicke der Schule zu einer der besten Freundin von Gwen. Die Geschichte beginnt mit dem Mord an einer beliebten Mitschülerin (die jedoch von allen gefürchtet wird und am Ende von niemandem geliebt wurde). Gewen ist die Einzige die sich für die Aufklärung des Mordes interessiert und Nachforschungen anstellt. Immer wieder wird sie von dem Frauenheld Logan Quin gerettet. Dem starken und gutaussehendem Spartaner. Nach 3/4 des Buches wusste ich bereits was es mit dem "Mord" an sich hatte. Die Geschichte ist aber sehr "süffig" geschrieben. Die Charaktere geben nichts Neues her. Eine typischer US-Teenie-Roman.

  • Rezension zu "Touch of Frost: Mythos Academy Series, Book 1" von Jennifer Estep

    Touch of Frost

    Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzer

    22. January 2012 um 10:20

    Gwen Frost hat eine Gabe: sobald sie Personen oder Dinge berührt, fängt sie Gefühle und Bilder auf. Das kann zwar recht hilfreich sein, aber auch sehr anstrengend, vor allem, weil man dadurch kaum normal leben kann. Als Gwen die Haarbrüste einer Mitschülerin berührt, entdeckt sie Schreckliches und innerhalb kurzer Zeit, verändert sich Gwens ganzes Leben. Nach dem Tod ihrer Mutter Grace, schickt ihre Grandma Gwen auf die Mythos Academy, die nicht weit von ihrem Zuhause weg liegt. Gwen merkt sehr schnell, dass es sich hier nicht um eine normale Schule handelt. Hier gehen mythische Kämpfer und Kreaturen zur Schule: Valküren, Amazonen, Spartaner, Trojaner. Eigentlich sollte sich Gwen mit ihrer Gabe dort passend fühlen, aber sie ist und bleibt "Gypsy Girl" mit der seltsamen Gabe, die nirgends wirklich dazu gehört. Bis ein Mord geschieht und Gwen wissen will, was wirklich passiert ist. Bis sie beginnt, sich damit auseinander zu setzen, wer sie wirklich ist. Ich bin absolut hin und weg. Dieses Buch hat mich von der ersten Seite an gefesselt und ich konnte es nicht mehr aus der Hand legen. Der Schreibstil der Autorin ist absolut das, was mich anspricht, auch wenn ich normalerweise kein Fan der Ich-Perspektive bin, aus der hier erzählt wird. Aber diese Perspektive macht es noch schneller möglich, Gwen zu mögen und mit ihr mitfühlen zu können. Die Geschichte um den mythischen Kampf zwischen Göttern, zwischen Gut und Böse, ist einfach super! Sie hat mich total angesprochen, da ich seit frühster Kindheit ein großer Mythologie-Fan bin, egal ob nordische, griechische, römische...Mythologie. Umso leichter viel es mir, alles vorstellen zu können. Die Götter sind mir alle bekannt, ebenso die mythischen Wesen. Das Ganze verpackt in eine Detektivgeschichte mit Hinweisen auf Fernsehserien wie "Xena", "Buffy" und "Veronica Mars" sowie Filme wie "300" ist einfach wie für mich gemacht! Die Charaktere sind alle sympathisch. Gwen ist eine tolle Heldin, in die man sich sehr leicht hinein versetzen kann. Auch Logan, Daphne und Carson mochte ich auf Anhieb. Besonders gut gefallen hat mir auch die Entwicklung zwischen den Charakteren. Gwen hat zu Beginn keine Freunde, es baut sich alles langsam auf, nicht wie sooft in Büchern dieser Art, dass dann auf einmal eine gute Freundin/ein guter Freund da ist. Die angedeutete Liebesgeschichte wird sich hoffentlich noch weiterentwickeln, denn Gwen und Logan sind einfach...süß! Ich will mehr! Ich habe dieses Buch verschlungen und bereits mit Band 2 angefangen. Für eine absolut geniale Unterhaltung und viel Spaß beim Lesen gebe ich natürlich 5 Sterne!!

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