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Cover des Buches Cricket Hunters (English Edition) (ISBN: 9781951043018)

Cricket Hunters (English Edition)

Erschienen am 01.09.2019

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Cover des Buches Cricket Hunters (English Edition) (ISBN: 9781951043018)

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Intriguing blend of thriller and coming-of-age story mixed with magic
misspidervor 4 Jahren

This was definitely different from what I usually read, and I was curious to learn more about the 'magic' that permeates the book. I was positively surprised that the story did not focus on that aspect alone, but offered a lot more - like coming-of-age and thriller.

The book is told in parallel story-lines. One is taking place in the past and tells us about a group of five teenage friends and the sudden disappearance of one of them. The other covers the present, where all have grown up and Cel and Parker are married. When Parker goes missing, Cel must not only confront her fears about Parker possibly cheating on her, but also about the mysterious, never solved disappearance of Abby back then. All the while she is accompanied by her magic, which shields, protects and strengthens her. But will it also be able to help bring Parker back?

There are some very strong characters in this book, but all have their faults and come across as believable. There were all kinds of spells and magic things, but on a level that makes it seem real and just a different belief which I can fully respect. I consider it similar to other people praying or crossing themselves. I was pleased to find that the book does not delve deep into supernatural fantasy, but always remains anchored in the real world. Especially the ending brought a very clever surprise which I didn't see coming but which brought together the loose ends perfectly. Not really what I expected - but much better!

(Thanks to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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