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Cover des Buches Me And a Guy Named Elvis (ISBN: 1400102979)
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Rezension zu "Me And a Guy Named Elvis" von Jerry Schilling

Rezension zu "Me And a Guy Named Elvis" von Jerry Schilling
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This is definitely one of the best Elvis books out there. It is well written and keeps you hooked till the end.
At the same time it is very sober and does not give way to too many emotional outbreaks as so many other
biographies do, still it is very touching and you can just sense the love and respect Jerry Schilling had for
Elvis. But the book is also missing any really new facts about Elvis and his life or about any other people
involved. It also leaves the reader questioning about what Jerry and Elvis discussed together or what his opinions
were on certain things that they talked about - we read so many times how often the two talked the night away and
wonder what the subjects were. A few more witty anecdotes would have helped the book become an
even greater read.
The reader learns a lot about Schilling, who is a very interesting personality himself and about life in
Memphis during the 50s... you can just feel the spirit of the time which is a nice experience.


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