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  • Living with your arms wide open....

    An Affair in Winter (Seasons Book 1)


    12. July 2016 um 11:27 Rezension zu "An Affair in Winter (Seasons Book 1)" von Jess Michaels

    This book was simply amazing! I fell for Rosalinde from the first page on. She is such an amazing and sweet character, I just couldn't help falling in love with her! Well, fortunately I wasn't the only on to do so... When circumstances - and bad weather - force widow Rosalinde to spend the night at a small inn, she doesn't know that her whole life would change that night. Meeting Gray will change her life, to be exact. Unfortunately Gray is set on breaking up his brother's engagement with none other than Rosalinde's sister, a ...

  • The Wicked Woodleys and their equally wicked friends...

    Seduced: The Wicked Woodleys


    17. May 2016 um 12:01 Rezension zu "Seduced: The Wicked Woodleys" von Jess Michaels

    Once more a wonderful book by Jess Michaels! I really love her Regency books with their unusual and strong characters. They're always interesting and well developed and you just have to feel with them. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you gnaw your nails because it's so exciting, sometimes you just sigh dreamily and sport a rather goofy smile but you're never unmoved by the happenings in the book. Those of you who have already followed the Wicked Woodleys and their (successful) search for their (often unconventional) significant ...

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