Billionaire on the Loose

von Jessica Clare 
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Billionaire on the Loose
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Billionaire on the Loose"

Taylor is a genius when it comes to computers, but understanding the opposite sex is beyond her. Because she always fumbles her flirtations, she needs help in finding her Prince Charming. So when her friend, Gretchen, sets her up as a tour guide for a new guy in town, she says yes despite her misgivings.

She just doesn’t expect Mr. Charming to actually be royalty...

A faction in his country wants him to be king, but Loch has no intention of taking the crown. To keep from being named as the next successor, he hatches a scheme to marry a totally unacceptable American woman. Quirky Taylor seems like the perfect person for the job, until Loch realizes he likes more about her than her ability to keep him off the throne.

When Loch’s secret schemes come out, his chance of happiness with Taylor are blown—unless he can find a way to get the nerdy object of his affection to believe she’s truly the queen of his heart...


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    I-heart-bookss avatar
    I-heart-booksvor 2 Jahren

    Well, I am so sorry, but this book was probably the worst of all the series about the bridesmaids. I really don't give 1* a lot because I usually do find books I think are not so bad, super oder just ok. But this one? It was so not my thing.


    I just so did not like the characters!! Not kidding, I just thought: *yuck* *soannoying* *can'tstopprollingmyeyes*

    No really, those two were so annoying. Loch is such an idiot without no sense about the real world that you just wanna shout him into the face 'welcome to reality you royal boy'. Like really? Besides that he sounds a bit like a caveman - and not like a hot-caveman-as-in-samantha-young-books one. Nope, he is just annoying!

    And Taylor? She's totally different to the person I imagined while reading the previous books. Kind of computer nerd meets Harry Potter addict. But actually she is just so boring and is not seeing what a jerk Loch is.

    The only thing I think was ok, was the subject of the loss of reality you might get when you fall into the internet dephts and the addiction to online games. But even there were some point that did not make sense.

    I finished reading it because I thought it might get a bit better - nope, it was just a waste of time.

    Sorry- no i-heart here for that book :(


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