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A lot of drama and action, packed with a load of emotions
Artemis_25vor 2 Jahren

I like, I like, I like!
I've been thoroughly swept away by Ava's and Cole's precarious situation. The atmosphere of the story has been been very intense, laden with emotions. There was simply no way for me to stop reading because my eyes and heart were glued and captured by all the exciting and heartwrenching things happening around and to the two.
It has been next to impossible not to feel with poor Ava, the Grim Reaper's seeker. No one wants to be in her place, searching for good people's auras and turn them in for certain death even though they, as she is told, will become angels afterwards. It is clear from the very beginning that Ava is less than happy about her so-called birthright. She is fighting it, trying to find a solition to circumvent it somehow. You experience how desperate she is in her attempts even more so when Cole turns out to be potential angel material while she is developing feelings for him. It soon seems to be as if no matter what she tries, someone gets hurt because she fails to turn a name in, to doom someone innocent to die. I started to really hate the Reaper's middle man, Xavier, then. Such a cruel man for being Ava's supposed uncle. I was hurting with her when he punished her mum for her 'failings'.
Cole's and Ava's lovestory was everything I could have wished for: slow-paced with a lot of witty banter, dramatic, toutching and not too sweet. I loved it. These two just fit, so naturally I am pretty worried after the happenings at the end of the book (some very surprising stuff happened there, never would have guessed it), certainly a happy one, but with a bitter foreboding. I hope the best for them in the sequel.

All in all, this book has made me addicted to it. The idea is great, the characters very likable and the lovestory realistically slow, dramatic and enticing. I can't wait to read the sequel because I need to know that Ava and Cole will be good in the end.


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