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Valet (Rose Family Chronicles Book 1)

Valet (Rose Family Chronicles Book 1)

Erschienen am 30.05.2016
Dark Elves

Dark Elves

Erschienen am 31.03.2009

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Strange historical AU
Sakukovor einem Jahr

After the death of his brother in law Tyler moves to Roseton to care for his sister and niece. He starts working at Rose Hall as a footman, but Earl Rose has his eye on the gorgeous but shy young man and offers him the post as his personal valet.
Johnnie, Earl Rose, actually wants a lot more from Tyler than just his service, but he's not even sure Tyler likes men. First he has to conquer Tyler's reserve and insecurity without pushing him away.

his was a strange book. I haven't read anything by that author before, so it wasn't quite what I expected. He makes it clear at the beginning, that it's not a historically accurate book, which is fine by me, but it's more than that, it's pretty much AU. Society, conventions, dress, language are all mixed up any which way with little rhyme or reason.
For some reason, the author also changes out some letters for the weekdays, months, countries, even gods. I guess to drive the point home, that this is not our usual world? I mostly found it irritating, since it just disrupts the flow of reading for some entirely mundane words.

I did enjoy the romance in the beginning. Tyler is gorgeous, but pretty much oblivious to his own charms. His discomfort at Johnnies advances and his own suppressed attraction was pretty adorable and Johnnies attempts to draw him out and make him comfortable are very charming. You could just cut the sexual tension with a knife. It's pretty awesome. And when they get together the sex scenes are pretty hot.
But after they are together I thought the relationship was pretty flat. I didn't really get what Johnnie saw in Tyler beside his looks, or vice versa. But I also thought there where really not a lot of scenes showing them as a happy couple together in the later third of the book, that I guess that contributed to my feeling.

I can't say I enjoyed the Lady Flechett storyline. It felt forced and off, but maybe that's just because it's an AU and we aren't really taught the rules. But I wondered why Johnnie not just told Tyler that no, he had no intention of marrying her, ever. He was hedging too much, so of course Tyler was apprehensive.
I really did understand Tyler's point of view, even though the book makes him seem rather overwrought and silly instead of realistic. It's a bit as if the book itself doesn't take Tyler quiet serious.


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