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Cover des Buches Oh, du fröhliche (ISBN: 9783612250872)

Oh, du fröhliche

Erschienen am 01.06.1998
Cover des Buches Eine Quiche vor dem Tode (ISBN: 9783612250650)

Eine Quiche vor dem Tode

Erschienen am 01.06.1998
Cover des Buches A Knife to Remember (ISBN: 0606163441)

A Knife to Remember

Erschienen am 01.09.1999
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Schmutz und Sühne

Erschienen am 01.06.1998
Cover des Buches Groom With a View (ISBN: 9780380794508)

Groom With a View

Erschienen am 01.11.2000

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Cover des Buches A Knife to Remember (ISBN: 0380773813)
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Short but entertaining
Iloenchenvor 8 Jahren

Jane Jeffry's backyard doesn't belong to her anymore. It has been taken over by a movie company that has decided to produce a film in her quiet suburb. Curious, Jane manages to catch a few glimpses not only of the movie but also of the characters involved in their production when suddenly, one of them turns up dead.
A Knife to Remember was my first Jane Jeffry mystery novel but although I had never read another title of the series, I had no trouble getting into the plot and getting to know the characters. They are well described in the book without the reader needing special information from the previous books. Jane isn't hard to identify with and even the movie producers, as absurd as they might be, are believable characters. I was especially interested in Jane's children, as they are described well and go through quite some character development.
The plot, one of the most important parts of a crime novel, was full of suspense and kept me interested throughout the whole book. There's nothing worse than already knowing who the murderer is after the first fifty pages but that wasn't the case at all. I would never have guessed even though it all made sense once I had finished.
I can recommend A Knife to Remember to anyone who likes crime mystery novels and who is looking for a quick and enjoyable read.


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