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    21. February 2012 um 23:20

    "Dalva" is a book about a woman, her history and the history of her family which is connected to the history of the Native Americans. Dalva had to give up her son for adoption when she was 15 and is now looking for him. This is reason enough for looking back at her live so far. She tells the story mostly herself with various flashbacks. Another part of the book is told by an alcoholic historian (Michael) who researches the history of Dalvas grandfather. That means the book is a mixture of present events told by Dalva and Michael, Dalvas past told by Dalva and the past of Dalvas grandfather, told by his own diaries read by Michael or Dalva. Confusing? Not in the least :) "Dalva" is a great book. First of all I instantly liked Dalva. She is a pretty interesting character or better her whole family is interesting. The language and the style are uncommon. Most of the time I was sorry I had no dictionary with me. Nothing seems to happen in the book and even the end is pretty eventless. This is no book about dogs or horses or Indians but all of them are involved all the time. I think the book does not meet any expectations you might have when grabbing the book. If you want to learn about Native American history read a book about Native American History. If you want to learn about Horses or Cowboys read a book about Horses and Cowboys. If you want to learn about Airdales ... you know what to do. But if you can enjoy a rich description of nature and animals, interesting characters with an historic background, read the book :)

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