Northstars Vol. 1: Welcome to Snowville

von Jim Shelley und Haigen Shelley
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Northstars Vol. 1: Welcome to Snowville
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Entertaining christmas adventure with great illustrations.

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Inhaltsangabe zu "Northstars Vol. 1: Welcome to Snowville"

Join us for the magical adventures of Holly, the daughter of Santa Claus, and Frostina, a Yeti Princess, as they explore the mystical wonders of the land of Polaris. In this first volume in a series of oversized keepsake hardcovers, Holly and Frostina journey to the subterranean city of Undertown to investigate trouble in Troggie Town. There is an evil force scheming right below Snowville, and it threatens Christmas itself!


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    misspidervor 4 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: Entertaining christmas adventure with great illustrations.
    Imaginative and fun

    Did you know Santa Claus had a daughter, Holly? Well, now you do! And in this story, Holly experiences an adventure that easily rivals her father's magic job...

    It all begins with the arrival of Yeti princess Frostina. Together, the girls have to face an attack by an army of scarecrows and uncover a conspiracy of the Krampus meant to sabotage Santa's work...I love the Krampus, so of course I was delighted to find that he is the villain in this story.

    The story was just fun, and I loved the author's sense for details. E.g., he added a small icon to the speech bubble, showing the face of the character speaking when she/he was not included in the picture, so you always knew who was talking at that moment. On another page, the girls are shown riding in a wagon down the vertical space between pictures in miniature format. The illustrations were done in a colourful and clear way, and a unique style was recognizable throughout the entire book. The scarecrows and the dragon, though meant to be scary, looked really cute and I actually pitied them because they had to follow the Krampus' evil orders.

    The bickering of the girls added a humorous touch and though I myself am not a young girl anymore I can imagine younger readers enjoying this very imaginative story.


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