Blood Will Out

von Jo Treggiari 
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Blood Will Out
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Blood Will Out"

Silence of the Lambs for young adults -- Blood Will Out is a gripping YA thriller readers won't be able to put down.

Ari Sullivan is alive--for now.
She wakes at the bottom of a cistern, confused, injured and alone, with only the shadowy recollection of a low-pitched voice and a gloved hand. No one can hear her screams. And the person who put her there is coming back. The killer is planning a gruesome masterpiece, a fairytale tableau of innocence and blood, meticulously designed.
Until now, Ari was happy to spend her days pining for handsome, recent-arrival Stroud Bellows, fantasizing about their two-point-four-kids-future together. Safe in her small hometown of Dempsey Hollow. But now her community has turned very dangerous -- and Ari may not be the only intended victim.
Told in alternating perspectives of predator and prey, Blood Will Out is a gripping and terrifying read.


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    misspidervor 5 Monaten
    Not enough

    The first half of the book describes how Ari Sullivan is trapped inside a cistern, not knowing how she got there. There are a lot of flashbacks providing glimpses into her life, her friends, and the time 'before'. Then suddenly, Ari manages to escape her creepy prison and step by step she is able to recount the events that lead to her imprisonment, realizing almost too late who is the abductor, and that the game has only just begun... Also interwoven with Ari's story are chapters telling the background story of her abductor, telling how he/she came to be the person he/she is now. After the usual misleads, Ari faces her tormentor in a final showdown.

    I got to say I enjoyed the first half of the story, where Ari was trapped at the bottom of the cistern, trying to piece together what happened but still failing. Only after she leaves her prison things start getting downhill. Her first suspect was too obvious to be true, and the second best guess was also a diversion. However, I was disappointed when I found out who was behind it all. I hate when the reader has almost no chance to pieced it together on her own, and the culprit suddenly appears like a jack-in-the-box.

    I often wonder about the YA category, which did not really exist at the time I was a teenager. What makes a YA novel different from a 'normal' novel? I often thought the level of brutality and gore should be lower, but that is not really the case here (not that I mind). Maybe the main characters should be young adults, to make it easier to identify with? That seems not enough to justify its own category, and there are great not-YA novels out there featuring teenagers. So what then is the point? I definitely can't find one here, other than the writing was mediocre at best, the plot wasn't really original if you've read your share of thrillers. Most of all, the outcome was disappointing because I missed a more comprehensible trace. Sadly, this is another example of a YA novel that makes me believe YA might just be a substitute for less ambitious books.

    However, as I said before I did enjoy the first part, which earns this book a second star.

    (Thanks to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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