JoAnna S. Morris Fire Among Stars: Book 3


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Fear. Panic. Love. War. Heartbreak. In the end the path is never painless. Eden Huntleigh and the Rebels have outplayed Cesar for now. However the hostile dictator of Empyrean has a few cards left up his sleeve, and when Cecily, the mystifying witch that seems to know how to defeat him once and for all, disappears, Eden is left with a difficult choice- her own life, or the lives of everyone she loves. Can Eden survive the flames once she's cast into the fire?
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    Fire Among Stars: Book 3


    14. January 2017 um 23:31

    Fire Among Stars is the last book in the series and it's a must read if you've read and loved the previous two books.Eden Huntleigh and the group of rebels are safe for now but after the disappearance of Cecily, the witch who has wanted to help and where the rebels found shelter, they have to face the truth. Their safety won't last long and Ceasar will strike soon so their only chance to stand a bit of the fight is to strike first. Without Cecily they have a new plan which is the only possibility to win. And it seems they have a new ally but no one knows if he can be trusted. They already have been deceived before. This plan is risky and everything Eden loves will be at stake. But there is no way out, she has to face the lion's den again. Is the new ally trustworthy and will Eden and the rebels survive? Read the book to get the answers!To tell the truth I couldn't wait for this conclusion. I've loved the other two books so much.  I enjoyed every single page of this book, even if things happened that I didn't like that much, but if it wasn't this way it wouldn't be that plausible. All in all it's a five star read. Since I've liked her books and writing style a lot, I hope Joanna S. Morris will write more books in future.

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