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A Gathering Storm (Porthkennack Book 2)

A Gathering Storm (Porthkennack Book 2)

Erschienen am 15.04.2017
Provoked (Enlightenment) (Volume 1)

Provoked (Enlightenment) (Volume 1)

Erschienen am 22.07.2017
Provoked (Enlightenment)

Provoked (Enlightenment)

Erschienen am 16.04.2017

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Rezension zu "A Gathering Storm (Porthkennack Book 2)" von Joanna Chambers

Very well written book
Sakukovor 10 Monaten

Sir Edward believes he heard the voice of his twin call out to him at the time of his death. Edward is a scientist, so he tries to recreate the situation at that time to prove that such manifestations of spirits are scientifically possible. He has a hard time finding test subjects for his experiments until he meets the land steward Nicolas, who saw a ghost as a boy and has a mother who was supposedly psychic.
Even though Nicolas doesn't believe in the supernatural, he still agrees to help Ward out, and the two men develop a growing attraction between them.

(Browser ate the long review, so you're just getting the short stick now)

I thought this was a very well written historical romance. I enjoyed the MCs a lot, they where well characterized with a lot of depth and thoughtfulness as to what makes them tick. The secondary characters, too, really.
I really liked the relationship, they had plenty chemistry and warmth. There where also a few hot sex scenes.

It starts really slow, though. Not even sure it classifies as slow-burn since they where attracted to each other from the start, but didn't even seem all that interested in each other until they got together.

But I liked the description of the place and of the different lifes the MCs lead and that kept me interested and reading. I also liked the plot. A scientist trying to prove some supernatural phenomenon instead of disproof it seems a new concept to me, and I thought it fit well into the time and it was well done.

The only thing I did not really like was the climax and the end. The MCs have their obligatory fight near the end of the book, but instead of actually solving the underlying issue, the book just throws some drama their way to get them back together. I would have liked a chapter or two more in the end for them to figure stuff out properly. Not just, WAM, BAM, happy end.

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Rezension zu "Provoked (Enlightenment) (Volume 1)" von Joanna Chambers

No romance, no happy ending, just a boring plot.
Sakukovor einem Jahr

David worked as attorney on a case of a radicals uprising, stirred up by an Agent Provocateur. The brother of one of the deported men comes to him, asking for help finding this agent.
While he is looking for the man and his supposed fiance, he meets Lord Murdo, a man he had a sexual encounter at an inn before. Murdo is sardonic and arrogant, and the two men keep clashing, but a certain sexual attraction can't be denied.

Well, this was not my cup of tea at all. It's a 2,5 stars for me at most.

It's not really a romance. The plot of this young boy trying to find the agent provocateur who got his brother deported takes the main stage, and it did not grip me at all, probably because I neither got the boys motives, what he was trying to accomplish, not Davids reason to help, besides the fact that he can't say no to anyone.

The main characters share an basically anonymous encounter in the beginning then only see each other again about 35% in.

I though David was not bad, his constant shame for his inclination and his glooming was a bit annoying, but I liked his steadfastness and sensibility. I couldn't stand Murdo. He was always sneering and belittling Davids sense of honor. The both of them seemed to do little more then argue.
There was little sex, and half of it seemed slightly icky to me. Not saying no isn't the same as yes, and Murdo did violate at least one expressed limit that David set.
Murdo also obviously wants more from David, but can't be bothered to say clearly what, or maybe he doesn't even know himself. He's a pretty opaque character. He doesn't even seem capable of being civil to David, in any case.

There is no relationship building, no happy ever after (or any happy at all), and the whole thing just kinda ends. It felt more like the first half of a story than a full story of its own.There are more books to this series, but the next one takes place two years after, so no immediate conclusion forthcoming after all.


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