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Cover des Buches Womanizer (Book 3: Spoilt Series) (ISBN: B00ASALBSC)

Womanizer (Book 3: Spoilt Series)

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Cover des Buches Womanizer (Book 3: Spoilt Series) (ISBN: B00ASALBSC)

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Predictable and poorly written
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 11 Jahren

I'm sorry to say that I found the characters rather flat and cookie-cutter.

Of *course* Isabelle is gorgeous, yet humble and down-to-earth. Of *course* Mitch jumps into bed with every woman who offers, yet only has to meet Isabelle to see the error of his ways and change his life around over night.

From their first meeting, the reader can pretty much guess where this is going: there will be some of the usual misunderstandings and twists, then Isabelle and Mitch will live happily ever after. The increasingly threatening letters that Isabelle gets from time to time could've added some interest, but this plot was used with a heavy hand and little creativity. Are we really supposed to believe that they were sent by Isabelle's dead Ex? This red herring just doesn't work.

Also, it doesn't seem believable that a mother who's protrayed as perfectly loving and caring would NOT involve the police when she gets letters such as these - they do not threaten her son, no, but surely, any danger to Isabelle is a danger to him as well?

I love a good romance, and I don't expect stellar writing, but this just bored me.

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