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Cover des Buches Meritorium (Meritropolis Book 2) (ISBN: B015WRLGRG)

Meritorium (Meritropolis Book 2)

Erschienen am 27.09.2015

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Cover des Buches Meritorium (Meritropolis Book 2) (ISBN: B015WRLGRG)M

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Convincing sequel
misspidervor 5 Jahren

The sequel starts right where the first book finished: Charley, Grigor, Sandy and the others have left Meritropolis. They are on their way to Meritorium to find and kill Orson's father, the founder of the scoring System.

The first third or so of the book went slow - too slow. Honestly, several times I was tempted to skim through the pages to get to some action. While the animal hybrids were still fascinating (and still made me grin) they were not new anymore, so the author delivered something fresh: the Bramble, a forest of all kinds of carnivorous and other scary plant mutations. Of course, our heroes had to cross the Bramble in order to reach their destination. But while the walk through the Bramble is a dangerous task, it is nothing compared to what awaits them on the other side: they reach Meritorium, but only in chains - captured and sold as slaves. As if that was not enough, they are destined to fight in gladiator-like fashion in a large arena, just to please the crowds. Who will be able to survive the orchestrated attacks of bestial animal hybrids and warriors?! This is where the story picks up pace and the action begins, with lots of fights and several new surprising and fascinating animal hybrids.

While in the first book I complained about the super-hero like main character, I appreciated that Charley did not always look and act like a hero in this sequel. His ever-present struggle against his temper and rage made him look human, even vulnerable. I also liked that Sandy and Sven had a more important role than before. The too black and white presentation of the characters from part one definitely became blurry.

The end offered a stunning revelation, rising the hybrid concept to its next level. And there is the promise that Charley and the others will return.

Meritorium is a worthy sequel in many ways, expanding and deeper exploring the fantastic universe the author created with Meritropolis. To repeat myself: recommended to YA readers (of all age...).

(I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review)


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