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While this is not a sequel to the author's phenomenal first novel 'Late Bite', it shares all the ingredients to make it equally successful. The writing is superior and you can definitely recognize the author's distinctive style which makes it so captivating. The whole book is overflowing with fresh ideas and original concepts I never read of before and therefore reading it was a highly entertaining adventure full of surprises. I loved that the story makes several references to 'Late Bite' and takes place in the same (Toronto) universe the author created back then.

The only minor criticism I may have is that there were almost too many sideshows and background stories. At times they threatened to put the main plot and especially the main character too far into the background. But then I rather prefer such an excessive outburst of creativity any given time (and book) and I definitely enjoyed making this journey.


Each time I think the vampire genre is dead, a new author comes along to prove me wrong with a revival. Late Bite is a suspenseful mixture of thriller and horror, but also with pinch of humor. The first half presents the reader with a well-crafted legal thriller, albeit with a very unusual accused. After all charges are withdrawn, Dragul Mangorian starts his career as a late night talk show host. This short episode is the lightest part of the book and partly resembles a comedy. But shortly after the story turns into a very dark and action-packed horror scenario, with lots of blood and a rising body count. The end came as a big surprise with a very clever and completely unsuspected twist, questioning everything and everyone you read about before. At first, I was unsure what to make of this wild puzzle, but in the end everything fit together perfectly.

The writing was excellent, conveying the varying moods along the story-line and doing an exceptionally good job at characterization. Dragul Mangorion unquestioningly was the most fascinating character with lots of secrets, and I could never quite figure out his motives. On the opposite, his lawyer/partner Al Hamblyn was a typical anti-hero, both in physical appearance and his modest demeanor, so it was easy to sympathize with him.

If you like a clever plot with a twist, give this one a try. Highly recommended!

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)


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