Jon Krakauer Under the Banner of Heaven


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Under the Banner of Heaven“ von Jon Krakauer

From the bestselling author of Into the Wild and Into Thin Air , a riveting account of Taliban-like theocracies in the American heartland controlled by renegade Mormon prophets

Compared to his other works, this story unfolds rather tedious and is less fun to read

— ichundelaine

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Wirklich tief beeindruckendes Buch. - Was machen wir nur mit unserem Planeten?!


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Ein sehr gelungenes Buch über sehr viele Arten von Stil, mit biographischen Anteil


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Ungewöhnlicher Mix aus Reiseberichten, Lebensratgeber, Erfahrungsberichten. Insg. ein gutes, vielfältiges, bereicherndes Leseerlebnis.


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Interessanter Roman über einen leider viel zu wichtig gewordenen Großkriminellen


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zum Schmökern und Tipps holen eine gute Quelle.


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Total spannend, interessant und lustig :)


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    Under the Banner of Heaven


    22. October 2017 um 12:33

    Dear Mr. Krakauer, as much as I enjoyed Into the Wild and Into thin Air, Under the Banner of Heaven didn't hold up to my expectations! I have come to know you as a most talented non-fiction writer who could take a topic I was not really interested in (living alone in the wild) and turn it into a gripping read. This time, I was actually interested in the topic (fundamental Chritianism/Mormonism) and you turned it into the most boring and tedious read!The issue of fundamental Christians/ Mormons is clearly under-estimated since we and especially the media are now primarily dealing with fundamentalist from other religions. However, fundamentalism is desastorous, no matter if the people believe in God, Buddha or the Holy Spaghetti Monster. Fundamentalist believe that their religion and set of values is the best and also don't shy from breaking basic laws such as "Thou shall not kill" or take an underaged girl as your wife against her will. Especially the latter as well as the issue of polygamy are a much discussed and frowned upon practice done by (fundamental) Mormons. I cannot say that this book told me anything new and the really tedious rendition of family trees were someone married his sisters daughter's stepsisters mother didn't tickle my fancy. I furthermore don't get how people could honestly believe in this entire golden book BS and being ok with being controlled by disgusting, paedophiliac, righteous old farts (We kinda already had that so why not learn from history???). The topic of this book made me angry and usually I want to know more about things like that, however the entire structure and all those names and sick family trees bored the living daylight out of me. Under the banner of heaven was especially disappointing to me, since I really really really admire Krakauer as a writer and I really hope that Missoula can make it up again!

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