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BALLOON ANIMALS is a pilgrimage and road-trip of unusual dimensions. Follow me, Jonny Rowe, on a wild goose-chase from Ireland to the USA with my American grandfather's remains in my red birthday balloon. I use 'remains' in the loosest sense of the word: my grandfather, 45, puffed his last breaths of air into my birthday balloon before suffering a massive heart attack right there at my birthday party which becomes his deathday party. Feeling responsible for 45's death, and as a thank-you for filling Clinical Dad's void after leaving that questionable suicide note, I make it my quest to return 45 to his birthplace amongst the corn of Iowa, USA, suspended inside his soul-bubble. This journey might also help me with my identity-crisis ... I'm a genealogy student, by the way. And who knows, maybe I'll find love - I tend to find things when I'm not looking for them. Join me on a desperate race against time to unveil the truth as my birthday balloon begins to deflate and loose 45 forever to the wind.
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    Balloon Animals


    13. April 2016 um 10:47

    This was a very different book, full of weird episodes and surprising events, but in a good way. The beginning was a bit slow and felt repetitive, especially the scenes with his best friend Cha and the 'Reiki mistress', whom I couldn't relate to much. Several scenes felt overdone and unnecessary for the continuation of the story, like the author was still searching for the right tone. After some time, I really couldn't wait for Jonny to eventually be on his way to Iowa.Just as soon as he enters the airport, the real adventure begins and takes him on a surreal journey to the roots of his granddad's - and thus his own - fascinating history. That was the moment where I got hooked and couldn't wait to read what comical situation Jonny would stumble into next. The mood alternated between incredible and hilarious, but curiously, compared to the first half it felt less absurd to me. In between the story also pondered some serious considerations, somehow grounding the whole thing into the real world.'Balloon Animals' is an absolutely unique and fantastic tale the like of which I've never experienced before.(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

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