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Inhaltsangabe zu „Bones“ von Jonathan Kellerman

Stunning package (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/26.02.2009')

Stöbern in Krimi & Thriller


Lesenswert, aber kein Highlight


Das Original

Grandiose Geschichte, die seine Leser u. a. in eine Buchhandlung entführt, in der man stundenlang verweilen möchte. Klare Leseempfehlung!


Die Moortochter

Langweilig, teilweise nervig. Alles andere als ein Thriller. 👎


Death Call - Er bringt den Tod

Wieder ein gelungener Carter! Spannend, fesselnd, blutig und mit einer gelungenen Auflösung. Spannende Lesezeit garantiert.



Sehr schönes Buch



Düstere und bedrückende Jagd nach einem potentiellem Serienmörder. Zwischenzeitlich sehr gemächlich, jedoch packendes Ende.


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  • Rezension zu "Bones" von Jonathan Kellerman

    Valkyrie Kane

    Valkyrie Kane

    20. October 2012 um 15:52

    Well... What can I say? A book like a friend. You know that you like the main characters and you know – more or less – what to expect. In this particular case I have to agree – unfortunately – with many other readers and reviewers: This book just TAKES too long! I mean, it’s nice to have a new character (Moe Reed) and it’s nice to not get thrown in to the action right from the start (though, that’s hardly ever the case in Alex Delaware novels), but during the first 300 of 428 pages practically nothing happens. Yes, the case is presented and yes, some witnesses and/or suspects are interviewed, but that’s about it. Plus, Alex seems to have given up working, because he doesn’t seem to have patients anymore. And he also seems to have lost his “feel” for people – which is a bit not good when you’re a psycho-therapist (or whatever he is). The earlier Alex Delaware would never have Milo and Moe let Travis “stalk” like that, without interveining. It was really getting ridiculous at the end. I’ve never seen Milo so desperate for a suspect. Seriously. I didn’t like it. Anyway. It’s solid work, but then, I’ve expected nothing less from Mr. Kellerman.