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    Valkyrie Kane

    13. September 2010 um 23:33

    Okay. The book was... nice, interesting and fairly thrilling. Just not as thrilling as I’m used to from reading a book written by Jonathan Kellerman. I mean, I have to admit that eco-terrorism is not exactly my cup of tea and maybe I couldn’t appreciate that book like I should, because it took me three months to finish it. OR it took me three months to finish it, because it just didn’t grip me like other Jonathan Kellerman books. It’s... like I said, it’s nice. J.K. still has his special way with words, we have a lot of Milo and Alex, Robin’s not too annoying and Rick’s at least mentioned. There’s a really great scene with the Chief and... yeah. But I’ve never, at any point, felt like I couldn’t put it away for a minute (or longer) to do something else. There was never the need to know “right-the-fuck-now-or-I-might-die-argh!” how this story continues. It just wasn’t THAT interesting. Well, it’s still a good book, I guess, but J.K. has written better ones already.

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