When the Bough Breaks

von Jonathan Kellerman 
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When the Bough Breaks
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Kellerman's bestes.

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Inhaltsangabe zu "When the Bough Breaks"

Alex Delaware steps into darkness in this shocking thriller


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Verlag:Random House
Das aktuelle Hörbuch ist am 01.08.2000 bei Random House erschienen.

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    Rinnerls avatar
    Rinnerlvor 5 Jahren
    It's a Kellerman

    Child psychologist Alex Delaware has retired at the age of 33 and is now
    recovering from a serious burn-out, a consequence of working himself to the
    ground for years. Trying to make a name for himself by publishing case
    studies, experiments etc. like crazy and simultaneously working at a the
    Western Pediatric Medical Center as an associate professor, his career
    skyrocketed. Until he couldn't function anymore.

    Now, living more or less the life of a hermit (with few friends :) in the
    Bel Air Hills, Alex spends his days doing basically nothing besides watching the sunset, running his mandatory mile and as Milo puts it „trying to achieve Nirvana through inertia“.
    Things only change, when Milo, his best friend and detective with the LAPD, needs his professional services in a murder case. A psychiatrist an his girlfriend have been gruesomely murdered and the 7 year old neighbour girl might have seen something. Or nothing at all. That’s for Alex to find out.

    Reluctant at first, Alex talks to the girl – Melody – but there’s not much
    to find out. The little girl is drugged up to the gills on anxiety medication,
    prescribed by her therapist, Dr. Will Towle, and therefore a less then
    reliable witness.

    Due to the fact, that there’s no real progress in the case (even though there is another murder), Milo is pulled off the investigation and that should be the end of it. But Alex wouldn’t be Alex, if something like that could stop him from finding out what happened. He starts his own investigation and the more he learns, the more suspicious he gets. As it turns out, the circumstances are far more sinister and horrible than anybody could have guessed. An old case comes into play and Alex is in way over his head.

    „When the bough breaks“ is Jonathan Kellermans first Alex Delaware novel.
    The reader is introduced to Alex and his gay best friend, LAPD detective
    Milo Sturgis. Even though this is the first Delaware novel, it’s not the
    first case for them. How they met (over a case) and became friends in the
    process, is mentioned at the beginning of the book.

    Throughout the book, Alex and Milo are not exactly the same as in the later
    novels. For me, it feels like the author wasn’t 100 % sure where to go with
    his characters, especially on the last few pages.

    Jonathan Kellerman excels at bringing loose strings together who don’t
    seem to be connected at all, but add up to the big picture in the end.

    Not the best Kellerman I've read but nevertheless, a really
    good book that I enjoyed reading. Definitely recommended.

    Kommentare: 5
    Valkyrie Kanes avatar
    Valkyrie Kanevor 5 Jahren
    Review: When the Bough Breaks - Jonathan Kellerman

    When I read that this was the first Alex Delaware book Jonathan Kellerman had written (or at least published), I was actually looking forward to see how Alex and Milo met and became friends.

    I thoroughly failed to realize that the operative word here was “book”. Not “case”. It was the first Alex Delaware book, not the first case for Alex and Milo. Their first case is actually mentioned, or better summarzied, but the story itself is about something different.


    Not TOO different, as it turned out, but again: not their first case together.

    Since this is Jonathan Kellerman’s first novel, I think, it’s understandable that those are not the characters we know from later novels. Maybe I should say not YET. They have all the characteristics from later books, but they’re not quite there, yet. As much as they react like the ones we know, they seem to be a little off.

    Alex is a bit “all over the place”. Not much, but still; he’s not the calm, concentrated and mostly unshakable psychologist he will be. Sure, he’s much younger here, and recovering from a severe burn-out. The relationship with Robin is still new, the friendship with Milo is also not that “deep” yet, and Alex comes across a little Gary-Stu-ish – especially at the end. I mean, Karate training or not, putting himself in such a situation, ALONE, is not only very short-sighted and dangerous, it also borders on suicidal. I know, Milo was in Mexico and Alex couldn’t actually tell his conclusions to anybody else, but still.

    Milo isn’t exactly himself, either, though I can’t tell you why. I can’t put my finger on it, but he… sounds a bit wrong.

    I missed the Alex-Milo-dynamic, in general. In later books they interact on a more instinctive, non-verbal level, which is a joy to read. Here they talk more. I mean, they also talk a lot in the following books, but it’s more like… good-natured ribbing; the actual dialogue takes place between the lines, what’s said is what ISN’T said, if that makes sense. You don’t have that here, yet.

    “When the Bough Breaks” has a few lengths, but nothing too dramatic. I’m still not too fond of Robin, but I don’t think I ever will be.

    It’s a thrilling read. Not as thrilling as “Victims”, in my opinion, but with a much more satisfying end, and it really takes your breath away, when all the lose ends finally come together.

    And it leaves you with one HELL of a confession.

    And while I’m actually okay with it, I’m really surprised that Alex is. At least without any form of concern and/or protest. Hell, I’m surprised Milo actually DID kill that bastard. I think he wouldn’t have in later books.


    It might not be one of Jonathan Kellerman’s most thrilling novels, but – as a friend said a few days ago – a not-so-brilliant Kellerman is – for me – still waaaay better than many other books out there.

    Coco206s avatar
    Coco206vor 9 Jahren
    Rezension zu "When the Bough Breaks" von Jonathan Kellerman

    Kellermans erster Roman und einer seiner besten.
    Man lernt die Hauptcharaktere, den Kinderpsychologen Alex Delaware und den LAPD Detective Milo Sturgis, kennen. Zudem noch die jeweiligen Partner, Robin und Rick, und wie sie sich kennengelernt haben. Zudem wird auf den Fall eingegangen, der Alex und Milo "zusammengebracht" hat.
    Alex möchte eigentlich einfach nur seinen Vorruhestand genießen und ist mit diesem Leben auch sehr zufrieden. Eines Tages aber taucht Milo auf und bittet ihn um die Mithilfe in einem Fall. Er soll sich mit Melody Quinn, einem kleinen Mädchen, unterhalten, das anscheinend die einzige Zeugin eines Mordes an einem Paar war. Aus dem Mädchen ist nichts herauszubekommen, somit ist Alex prädistiniert dafür. Aber auch er schafft es nicht, zu Melody vorzudringen, da ihr Psychiater, William Towle, sie unter starke Beruhigungsmittel gesetzt hat.
    Eigentlich könnte die Sache damit erledigt sein, da auch Milo von dem Fall abgezogen wird aufgrund dessen, dass es keinerlei Fortschritte gibt, aber Alex lässt der Fall nicht mehr los und er beginnt auf eigene Faust, Nachforschungen anzustellen.

    Im Verlauf dieser Nachforschungen begibt er sich in immer größere Gefahren, das Ausmaß des Falles wird immer größer.
    Doch es findet sich auch eine Verbindung zu einem Fall, den er noch in seiner aktiven Zeit hatte in dem es um Pädophilie und Kindesmissbrauch ging.
    Dieses schlimme Thema wird auch im ganzen Buch behandelt, eigentlich ein Thema, mit dem man gar nicht so sehr konfrontiert werden möchte.

    Kellerman schafft es, lose Enden, die sich ergeben, schlüssig zu verknüpfen, man erfährt auch manches über Kinderpsychologie und Psychologie im Allgemeinen.
    Zum Ende hin denkt man sich manchmal, dass er es etwas übertrieben hat, aber damit wollte er wohl Spannung in das ansonsten recht ruhigen Buch einbringen. Es gibt teilweise sehr ausführliche Gespräche, bei denen man merkt, wieviel Gedanken der Autor sich bei Entstehen des Buches gemacht haben muss.

    Wenn ich nicht schon von der Alex Delaware Reihe begeistert wäre, hätte es mich wohl spätestens bei diesem Roman erwischt.

    frigomanns avatar
    frigomannvor 2 Jahren
    Kurzmeinung: Kellerman's bestes.

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