Jonathan Stroud Lockwood&Co 02: The Whispering Skull


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Lockwood&Co 02: The Whispering Skull“ von Jonathan Stroud

'Stroud is a genius' Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series.§§Ghosts and ghouls beware! London s smallest, shabbiest and most talented psychic detection agency is back. §§Life is never exactly peaceful for Lockwood & Co. Lucy and George are trying to solve the mystery of the talking skull trapped in their ghost jar, while Lockwood is desperate for an exciting new case.§§Things seem to be looking up when the team is called to Kensal Green Cemetery to investigate the grave of a sinister Victorian doctor. Strange apparitions have been seen there, and the site must be made safe. As usual, Lockwood is confident; as usual, everything goes wrong a terrible phantom is unleashed, and a dangerous object is stolen from the coffin.§§Lockwood & Co must recover the relic before its power is unleashed, but it s a race against time. Their obnoxious rivals from the Fittes agency are also on the hunt. And if that s not bad enough, the skull in the ghost-jar is stirring again§§The author of the blockbuster BARTIMAEUS sequence delivers another humorous and chilling instalment in the critically acclaimed LOCKWOOD & CO. series.§ (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/26.02.2015')

Rasanter, witziger & gruseliger als der 1.Teil, ein Must-have für alle Bartimäus-Fans !

— Cridilla

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  • Second Book in the Lockwood series

    Lockwood&Co 02: The Whispering Skull


    28. April 2015 um 21:55

    I've always found it difficult to write about a sequel in a series, without risking to spoiler something. So I will keep it short. You really should read the first one in the series before getting into this one. Firstly because you'll miss a lot of information otherwise, but more importantly, because you will completely spoil the suspense, if you read book two before book one. So, if you've already read the first one in the series, and you liked it - you'll also like "The whispering skull". It's just as funny, exciting, a bit spooky and entertaining as the first one!  I can only wholeheartedly recommend this series, because it manages the perfect balance between humour and thrill to keep you glued to the book, and make it hard to put it down once you started reading.

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