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Sexy, dirty, oh so sweet
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Jeff is straight and has just come out of his first ever relationship, which lasted 14 years and was entirely vanilla. But now that he's free to explore his dominant and sadistic urges. But he's just a bit too inexperienced, not to mention awkward and rude, to find any female subs to play with.
Through some friends Jeff gets introduced to Eddie, an experienced gay painslut, who's quite willing to show Jeff some basics and let him experiment. Jeff is appalled at first, he's not into guys, after all, but after meeting Eddie, he starts to get into their play. Eddie would be the perfect sub for him, if he didn't happen to be a guy.

This was so good, I just couldn't stop reading. I usually don't much enjoy the leather-club, organized BDSM kind of books, but this one was really good.

So Jeff is a total puppy-Dom. Over-eager, awkward, without any tact. Right out of his first relationship ever he's trying to make up for lost time. He's a bit of a pig, but I adore him. He's a working class guy, rough around the edges, not all that educated, bad with words but it becomes apparent rather fast that he's just hiding his insecurities. He's pretty thoughtful and sweet once he gets the chance to show it.

Eddie is the perfect fit for him. He's a seasoned sub and masochist, he's been around the block and done about everything at least once. He's easy-going and not turned off by Jeff's grumpy nature and has no problems giving Jeff candid words right back. But Eddie can also not just manipulate Jeff as he could his other Doms. Jeff's just a bit too stubborn for that.

There's a lot of sex in it, obviously, a plethora of kinky toys and games are introduced. I wasn't even into most of them (not a masochist myself and I don't much like humiliation either), but the book is great about showing how much both of them are enjoying themselves and what they enjoy about it, so I thought it was all pretty hot, even the parts I don't strictly like.
But other than the sex the book is very much slow-burn. They fall for each other while they play, since they really don't hang out all that much, but it's really sweet and dirty all at the same time.
Jeff is pretty hung up about the whole gay thing (as in that he is not gay and what's gay to do), since he's grown up in a pretty homophobic household, but I adore how he works through that.
It's one of my favorite kinds of GFY, where a gruff, lower class guy figures out how to be gay when he's been taught he shouldn't be. It's weirdly specific, I know, but I like it.

It's all very much low angst, low drama, though, regardless of Jeff's conflict.


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