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Nordic Food Lab is a non-profit, open-source organisation that investigates food diversity and deliciousness. Established in 2008, they combine scientific and humanistic approaches with culinary techniques from around the world to explore the edible potential of the Nordic region – the flavours that say something about us and imbue the foods we eat with a connection to this place and this time. They work to broaden their taste, generating and adapting practical ideas and methods for those who make food and those who enjoy eating. Michael Bom Frost is director of the Nordic Food Lab. He has a background as a sensory scientist, and has delved into gastronomic and culinary research with a scientific approach over the last 5 years at University of Copenhagen, where he is the Director of Studies for the MSc-education in Gastronomy and Health. Josh Evans studied philosophy and sustainable food systems at Yale University. He worked with the Yale Sustainable Food Project, Edible Schoolyard NYC and other food programs before joining the Lab in June 2012 where he has been researching eating insects. Roberto Flore is the Head of Culinary Research and Development Nordic Food Lab. His gastronomic path started in Seneghe, a small village in the province of Oristano, at the age of 4. At the side of his grandmother he recalls bread dough in his hands, the perfume of wild herbs and the wood stove. In these youthful moments his passion for food was born. Completing his agro-technical diploma helped him understand 'the origins of food' and inspired his kitchen adventures. Encounters with important mentors deeply impacted his career, and showed the way to a more holistic understanding of the history of food. During his travels around the world Roberto has gathered techniques, stories and flavours which have inspired his vision of gastronomy. In 2013 he encountered the Nordic Food Lab and he has been leading the culinary research and development of this vibrant gastronomic laboratory since June 2014.

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On Eating Insects

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