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Inhaltsangabe zu „Ellis Baxter“ von Joshua Kay Schaeffer

Ellis is teased and bullied by the whole school, and in his family it's not different. His sister Karen harasses him to the limit, and his mother's addicted to pills and blames Ellis for that. His father never has time and is permanently in the office. As Ellis meets the mysterious girl Natalie for the first time, he feels understood for the first time in life. He trusts her to everything and writes all that he experiences with her in a small diary - without knowing that Natalie is just a figure from his dreams and does not really exist. After a situation at home escalated, Ellis gets crank and stops speaking. Then he is taken by his father in the children's home Cereon. But even there it's not going well for him - until Natalie, the girl of his dreams, suddenly becomes real and enters his life ... Three years later: Ellis and Natalie, now almost 17, do care selflessly of Natalie's little sister, and everything else is going well in their lives. Until one day the mother of Natalie and Nadja gets seriously ill. Now the busy father must get through with the three children alone and breaks soon at the seemingly impossible task. He takes refuge more and more in the work and the children are left to themselves more and more. Soon also Natalie is overwhelmed with caring for her little sister Nadja. Ellis will be happy to help her, but can he do it? Can he bring back Natalie's father again the closeness to his daughters, without forgetting himself, because he slowly begins to feel alone again? As Natalie then even gets into a clique trying drugs, Ellis has almost no more advice ...

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Wunderschöne Sammlung.


Quarter Life Poetry

Extrem wahr, extrem witzig, einfach nur cool! Definitiv etwas, das man mit Mitte 20 gelesen haben sollte!


Ganz schön Ringelnatz

Wie hübsch. Halt Ringelnatz. Schönes Vorwort auch!


Kolonien und Manschettenknöpfe

Von faszinierender sprachlicher Eleganz und eloquenter Originalität.



Ein Jahrbuch zur Dokumentation der Weiterentwicklung der Haiku-Dichtung im deutschsprachigen Raum - ein interessates Projekt.


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