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Inhaltsangabe zu „Someone's Watching“ von Judith Kelman

Author: Judith Kelman Manufacturer: Mandarin

A chilling tale

— Alais
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  • Someone's watching...

    Someone's Watching


    21. February 2016 um 12:09

    ... and someone's attacking the children in Tyler's Grove. This is the growing suspicion of Cinnie as yet another child suffers a horrible accident: This time it is her son James... Her impression of Chief Carmody who is charged with the investigation of the accident is not very good but what she does not know is that Carmody charged Drum, one of the best investigators he knows, with an unofficial investigation...I can't really tell whether I liked this novel or not. On the one hand, it is a combination of horror and crime novel as it is about some of the most hideous, disgusting, completely insane crimes I have ever read about, with children as victims... Also, some character descriptions are too based on black-and-white-thinking, in my opinion - the real world cannot be divided as easily in "good" and "bad" people (though it is true that it is difficult not to revert to black-and-white-thinking when children are attacked). And, even taking his horrible childhood memory into account, I can't understand why Drum would have a problem with Holmes and Watson being "bent", love is beautiful and has nothing to do with the violence he experienced, I would have liked to have an explanation for this strange prejudice of his. Also, the language with terms like "broad" did not charm me. On the other hand, I have found the story suspenseful, a real page turner, very hard to put down. Also, the description of the relations between people are often endearing. Judith Kelman shows the strong bond and energy of love that can shape and protect families and the novel has some great moments...

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