Tiger Eyes

von Judy Blume 
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Tiger Eyes
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One of my all time fav books. Very moving, a topic that has been/ will be real for every single one of us- either at 15 or later in our life

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The story is moving - a very good but sad book about hopes, dreams, life and growing up

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Davey's father has been murdered - and the aftermath is causing her family to fall apart. Her heartbroken mum plucks them up and takes them to stay with her prim and proper aunt in Los Alamos. Davey escapes the claustrophobic house by cycling up to the canyon, where she meets a mysterious older boy called Wolf.


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    mysticcats avatar
    mysticcatvor 3 Jahren
    Kurzmeinung: The story is moving - a very good but sad book about hopes, dreams, life and growing up
    Good book for young readers

    I have an older edition of Tiger Eyes and bought this book cheap on a boot sale in my church.

    Judy Blume wrote this book in the 1990s already, so "high" prices that time seem quiet cheap today. The plot starts on the funeral of Davie's father, who was shot when his shop was robbed. Davie's uncle and aunt offer them to leave Atlantic City and come to stay with them in Los Alamos.

    Davie does a lot of development in this book, and the characters are easy to imagine. This book made me feel sad several times - it has a good style and is easy to read.

    I dislked the end between Davie and Martin in this book, but I love the rest of the plot.

    Great book for young readers!

    Bella&EdwardFans avatar
    Bella&EdwardFanvor 8 Jahren
    Rezension zu "Tiger Eyes" von Judy Blume

    This is the review I had to write for school. It's one of the bests, I've written! Vesides, not everythign is true, but it's a good book! :)

    Do you enjoy funny books, with happy endings? If so, you shouldn't read, “Tiger eyes”, written by Judy Blume. But in the case of going for tragical love stories, this book would be perfect for you!

    Davey has always been a normal teenager. Until her father died. Thenceforward everything in davey's life changes, nothing normal anymore. Her mother decides to move to New Mexico, where Davey meets the mysterious Wolf, who held her mind captivate, until she can see him again. She wants to discover all his secrets, but this is going to be a chalenge with a couple of surprises...

    This is one of the best books I've ever read. It surprised me, because before I've read it, I couldn't image how this book would captivate me. However it did, and sometimes it was as exciting as it had me on the edge of my seat. From the first to the last page i wanted to know how the story goes on.
    Furthermore it's very melancholy and sometimes I nearly had tears in my eyes. I don't think it is a common love story, but it's a great book. Besides it is really easy to understand and i like the writing-style of Blume.

    I would recommand this book to every woman and girl beetween fourteen and forty years, who like mysteries and enjoy discovering secrets. I don't know if this book could also please to men and boys, but if you're interested, you should give this book a try. It won't dissapoint you.

    wanderlust26vor 5 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: One of my all time fav books. Very moving, a topic that has been/ will be real for every single one of us- either at 15 or later in our life
    Margaretavor 8 Monaten
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    shamygrokitevor einem Jahr
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