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Inhaltsangabe zu „Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes“ von Jules Moulin

Life is a juggling act for single mother Ally Hughes. Between the classes she teaches at the local university, a monster of a boss, a home that’s falling apart at the seams and a young daughter who doesn't miss a trick, there isn't time for anything else in Ally's life. Especially romance. Then she meets Jake, and for one incredible, mind-blowing weekend, anything seems possible. But timing is everything and as the weekend draws to a close, fate is not on Ally’s side. Ten years later, and fate has Jake knocking at Ally’s front door. Now the one that got away is back, and Ally has some serious decision-making to do… Is there such a thing as perfect timing? Or is love always a game of chance? A story that fans of You Had Me At Hello, No-one Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday and The Year of Taking Chances will also love.
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  • Jules Moulin - Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes

    Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes


    23. October 2015 um 16:58

    When her daughter Lizzie brings her new boyfriend to a family dinner, Ally is close to fainting. She knows this young man, not only has he been one of her students, but ten years ago, she spent a whole week-end with him and fell in love. As the mother of a gifted girl, she then did not see a chance for a relationship with a much younger man. Have things changed now? Ally is mixed up between what she feels for Jake, what she feels for her current partner, what her daughter might think of her and what the world outside might make of this. The novel was great fun to read because is balances well funny moments that make you smile with serious questions such as: as a single mom, can you be a seductive and attractive woman? How can you balance your career and your private life? Should you follow your feelings or rather pay attention to what is expected by society? The author does not provide simple answers but he gives a good inside in the thoughts of a character in such a situation which makes this novel authentic and interesting to read. As a plus, the side story of Ally's daughter has also some thrilling moments which came completely unexpected.

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